Boxes with hanging and locking tabs

If you are searching for a box that has handles to carry or has hanging tabs with locking tabs as well with a punch card hole that gives 100% security to your product, then don’t worry you’re at right place. Our Boxes with Hanging and Locking Tabs are so perfect for your products like; cosmetics, wearable jewelry, tech products, stationary, food items etc. that are usually displayed on the counters or on the shelves of the retail stores/supermarkets. These boxes can be in any shapes and sizes according to the nature of your products and your own desires.



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Boxes with hanging and locking tabs are just exceptional to gain client’s attention towards your products as the packaging the way you present your products does matter. These custom-made boxes have hanger tabs with a die-cut that helps to hang the boxes; are so good and suitable for those items that require attractive display to enhance its selling on the other hand the lock tabs are to secure the products to get damaged and to get crumpled as security of the products is necessary and packaging helps in it too by using great and high quality-based material that protects the products from any kind of trouble such as; environmental changes. And these boxes also help to attracts your potential buyers by giving the spacious look to your fancy products and you can display them at any area of the market, they will definitely enable your customers to give it a glance with satisfaction. By displaying these customized boxes, they will help you in branding your product and to upgrade its promotion. We; Gator Packaging provides these personalized boxes to our customers in various dimensions and designs as per their demands.


As every box is known for its features because features make your brand to stand out loud amongst others competitors. And these Boxes with Hanging and Locking Tabs comes with hanger tabs that make them distinguished from others because of its fancy and elegant look. We offer our customers with the opportunity to select from our durable card stock selections such as; cardboard, paperboard or eco-friendly Kraft paper. Printing helps in marketing the brand too so we do printing on the boxes with off-set, 3D, digital printing and we provide two options for printing techniques that are; CMYK and PMS printing. There are some finishing tools too that are optional as well; finishing of rough matte and shiny gloss, lamination, foiling of gold/silver, ink raising that helps in to not let the colors fade away, and etc.  all these additional features are provided as optional because we do customization as per your requirements.

Free Shipment Our booking and shipping services are totally free as we don’t charge extra from our customers. We like to satisfied our customers with our efforts and work because satisfaction is what we prioritize. For placing your order contact on our mentioned contact numbers and e-mail addresses and if you found any difficulty our team will help you out.