Cosmetic Boxes

Manufacturer, big and small, need boxes for his products. Thus, it is essential for his business, and he cannot dispense without it. Therefore, he needs boxes in order to run and grow his business. This proliferation of boxes, unique and beautiful simultaneously, makes one wonder the amount of effort and dedication that goes into manufacturing them.

To the uninitiated, it looks very simple. That it only requires some cardboard and glue to make them. But this shallow assessment, of such a highly critical task, underestimates the entire process and the art of box manufacturing. It is much more than that. And requires a specific skill set, that only a few people possess.

Cosmetics is one such industry that requires boxes. The delicate cosmetic products require it specifically because they are in danger of being broken. Thus, their boxes are made with even more sophistication and care. These boxes need to be strong and beautiful enough to get the message across many people. Thus, it is not a child’s play as many people assume it to be. As a consequence, custom cosmetic boxes are used.

The inherent ability of a custom box to be strong and yet profoundly loud, in its message carrying ability, makes it near and dear to the cosmetic manufacturers. Their design process is very intriguing and challenging simultaneously, and require every ounce of creativity its creators can muster. In short, it is a highly complicated process requiring strenuous efforts.

The Designing Phase of a Custom Box:

Each year, over 420 million metric tons of boxes are manufactured. The sheer volume of boxes, that are used for a myriad number of products, is profound. Hence, driving home the point of the importance of custom boxes.

The designing of a custom box, as previously stated, is not easy. First and foremost, when a cosmetic manufacturer gives the order of boxes. He states the requirements of the box. The dimensions of the box, the image design, which is to be printed on the box, and the color scheme to be used. All of these requirements needed to be fulfilled in order to make a successful box.

To start with, custom cosmetic boxes’ dimensions are to be defined. It should not be so slim and tight that it breaks the product, and it should not be big enough that the product won’t fit into it perfectly. Thus, the dimensions need to be in accordance with the product. For that, a highly skilled team of boxes carvers make sample boxes of different dimensions. The one that gets approved, is then used for mass manufacturing.

Simultaneously, a graphics designer or a team of graphics designers, are absorbed in making the perfect design for their customer. A multitude of designs are made and then send for approval from the customer. If the customer demands improvements, then the entire process of designing starts again. If he selects a design, then the box manufacturing process moves onto the next phase.

Magic and Wonders of Printing:

The next phase in making cosmetic boxes is the use of printing. Printing has been around since the 15th century. But, in this modern age, it has been perfected. Mass printing millions of boxes is not an issue and thus manufacturers are able to ensure a steady supply of boxes to their customers.

The most common types of printing, done on boxes, are CMYK and PMS. These printing color schemes combine unique colors to form unique patterns. Thus, ensuring uniqueness throughout. The paper stock used, commonly, is 10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Kraft paper, Cardstock, Bux Board, and E-flute corrugated paper. These are state of the art and are very much popular.

On an average day, a box manufacturer can manufacture 100-500,000 boxes. Thus, advances in printing technology ensure a high number of boxes being manufactured. This way, not only unique boxes are manufactured daily, but a steady supply of already existing boxes goes to the market.

Samples Sent to the Customer:

After the box has gone through each and every phase of production, it is then sent to the customer, as a sample, for approval for mass production. After the box is greenlit for production, the box manufacturers go into overdrive and start producing the boxes in bulk.

Hence, custom cosmetic boxes are not only made in a sophisticated way, to make them look attractive, but their production process is complicated and requires strenuous efforts to complete. Thus, next time you buy a cosmetic product, think about the effort that is put into producing a single box.