Eyelash Boxes by Gator Packaging

All my life I’ve been conscious of my eyelashes as I am not genetically blessed with long, luscious lashes. I’m blond and without mascara my eyes make me look like I’m dying of swine flu. When I was 18 I discovered the magic trick, called false eyelashes that made my eyes look bigger instantly. It was a lot of work putting them on but I was willing to do it. Beauty is pain and there is beauty in everything, what a little bit of effort. They made me look alive, fresh, and pretty and I’ve been wearing falsies since high school. At first, it was just the $5 Ulta lashes then I switched to better brands. 

However, one problem was constant; these lashes wore off very easily. On the box it usually said the eyelashes could be worn 20-30 times, in reality, I couldn’t use a pair more than 10 times. Mink lashes can cost you a fortune and considering my regular use, I was tired of paying so much money. A regular pair of faux mink lashes can cost you anywhere from $15 to $39.

Eyelash Extensions:

Someone mentioned eyelash extensions to me. I was intrigued by the idea of extensions, that made my natural eyelashes look fuller and bigger, and stayed on for weeks. I ended up getting these extensions. The results were astonishingly pretty. I was overjoyed at first, I looked great. two days passed and my eyes started to get dry, at first I didn’t think much of it but discomfort increased over time. 

For those of you who don’t know, human eyelashes should always be 1/3rd of the eye to maintain an optimum airflow through the eyes. Anything long or short than this and your eyes can turn into Sahara. For the whole next week, my eyes were dry all the time and I had to wait until the extensions wore off on their own. It was very uncomfortable, I couldn’t work properly, looking at the monitor was difficult, I had to use eye drops to lubricate the eyes. It was a horrible, painful experience. 

Lash extensions didn’t work for me, so I had to revert to wearing falsies. False eyelashes make your lashes long too but you can remove them at any time you feel uncomfortable, with lash extensions that is not an option.

I decided to invest in an even higher-end brand of fake lashes and started researching how to increase the life of eyelashes because all these years I was doing something wrong. After 12 articles and watching 6 YouTube videos about taking care of false eyelashes, I realized I was doing everything wrong. What I learned helped me increase the life of my falsies. The box still mentions a bigger number than what is actually possible, but still you can use your lashes at least five times more. I want to share the knowledge with the rest of you.

Store them in the custom eyelashes boxes:

Always store your falsies in the custom eyelash boxes they come in. These boxes are made to act as storing containers for the lashes. They’re specifically made to keep moisture at bay and help lash fibers stay separate. They prevent them from turning into spider lashes. There are marks given on the packaging to help you keep track of how many times you have worn them. Don’t forget to mark after every use.

Go easy on the glue:

Excessive glue is not only bad for your falsies but your natural eyelashes as well. Glue is an adhesive and if you apply too much it will be difficult to apply and take off the false lashes. You’d have to use more force to take your falsies off, resultantly fibers will be damaged and so will your natural eyelashes.

Use tweezers or eyelash applicator:

Most people (including myself) use their fingers to apply false eyelashes, which is a sin in the bible of the makeup routine. For precise and clean applications never use your fingers (until you don’t have any other way). Use tweezers or eyelash applicator, this will not only help with the clean application but will prevent the glue from getting on fibers of the lashes.

Clean them after every use:

It is one thing that I’m not particular about myself, I do clean them after two or three uses but to get maximum out of your falsies, you should clean them after every use. Use a good quality makeup remover and if you’re too lazy, leave them overnight soaking into the makeup remover. This will soften up the glue and residual makeup on the lashes and you can just rinse it off with a cotton bud/q-tip.

Don’t put too much mascara over your false eyelashes:

It is a common practice to use mascara before and after applying false eyelashes to make them look more homogenous with the natural lashes. This method decreases the life of your lashes significantly. Instead of using mascara after applying lashes, use a warm lash curler. This will make your falsies and natural eyelashes coherent.


We all wear false eyelashes, some more than others but while buying them make sure you invest in a high-end brand. Select your brands carefully too. Do proper research and always buy lashes from cruelty-free brands (I prefer faux mink lashes over animal ones and so should you). Wear the lashes, clean them regularly, store them properly, and never leave them over the couch and sofas if you have kids at home.