Custom Pomade Boxes

What is pomade?

Pomade is a hair styling product for men. It can be water-based or oil-based. Pomade is better than wax, gel, and other styling products because it is light, gives a matte (or glossy) finish, holds the style longer, doesn’t cause any buildup, and doesn’t damage hair follicles.

Types of pomade:

The pomade comes in two formulas; water-based and oil-based. Water-based is lighter, gives a matte finish, and holds hair without making them stiff. You can still run your hand through your hair (not that you should). It looks more natural, doesn’t cause dandruff or any other scalp issues, and is completely safe to use.

Oil-based pomade has similar properties and effects, the only difference is, it gives a glossy finish to hair which is more suited for formal occasions. It also leaves hair soft to touch and holds the style for longer.

Why use pomade:

There are three main kinds of hair styling products, hair gel, hair wax, and pomade. Most barbers prefer pomade to gel and wax because:

Wax cause buildups leading to dandruff. These buildups can lead to loss of hair and in severe cases bald spots. Wax damages hair follicles as it is very difficult to wash it off. Some products may remain in the hair even after thorough washing. 

Hair gels contain alcohol that leads to drying of hair and making your natural hair fibers rough and scruffy. You will lose the natural shine and luster of your hair if you use gel regularly.

Pomade is safe for regular use as it is easy to wash, doesn’t stick with hair fibers, and doesn’t damage the hair follicles.

Why pomade packaging is important?

People prefer more natural, healthier, and long-lasting products. Pomade checks all the criteria, but to build trust and make the effectiveness of your product known, communication is the key. The primary tool for that is custom pomade boxes; packaging. Without packaging, no matter how amazing your product may be, you won’t be able to communicate with customers. Quality of packaging is also important as it directly signifies the quality of the product.

Packaging designs:

Like most products, pomade comes in 

  1. Primary packaging; mostly an aluminum, tin, or glass jar. The basic function of primary packaging is containment and preservation of the product.
  2. The other is secondary packaging that is the outer protective layer to keep the jar safe. All information about the product is also available on this secondary packaging.


The main materials used for secondary packaging are:

  • Stock (12, 14, 16, 18 and 24 pt)
  • Kraft, and
  • Corrugated

These are eco-friendly, biodegradable (sometimes even compostable) materials.


When it comes to secondary packaging, most companies invest in custom pomade boxes i.e. get custom designs printed; logo, and graphics. There are two types of commonly used printing techniques.

CMYK printing:

CMYK printing uses four basic colors to make combinations of different colors; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. It is used for project designs that are physically printed not viewed on a screen. CMYK gives more accurate results when you want to recreate your design with ink or paint

PMS printing:

Pantone (PMS) is used for projects that require perfect color matching i.e. product logos, graphics, and other branding. PMS yields the best results for screen-printing and product manufacturing because each Pantone color is solid and assigned a unique number to ensure exact coloring.

Printing is not mandatory, if you want to go for a more simplistic look, you can choose to go without extensive designs and graphics printing.

Add ons:

Some pomade brands prefer a glossy finish for their secondary packaging while some like matte more. Honestly, it’s all about the whole vibe of your brand, go for a matte finish for water-based pomade and a glossy finish for the oil-based one.

Die and plate:

Die and plate is a popular procedure in packaging where a die is used to create shapes, designs, and patterns. It is used for low-strength materials such as wood, sheet metal, foam, corrugated fiberboard, fiber, paperboard, and a whole host of other materials. Die and plate include the following steps:

  • Blanking
  • Drawing
  • Forming
  • Coining
  • Broaching


Pomade is one of the most versatile hair styling products that cause minimal to no damage to your hair. To make the value and efficacy of their product known, it is crucial for pomade making brands to efficiently communicate with their target audience i.e. consumer. There is no other medium as effective as packaging to communicate with the customer and market your product. Gator packaging can help you putting your best foot forward in the market when it comes to pomade packaging.