Pomade Packaging Boxes

Hair defines our personality; there are countless articles available online, about our hairstyle, hair length, and haircut revealing our personalities. There must be a reason why hair transformation (hairstyle/haircut/hair color) is a vital part of any makeover.

I am one of the most low maintenance people, and probably shouldn’t be talking about styling and haircare but I do know a thing or two about the science behind styling and upkeep.

Why self-maintenance and styling is importance:

When it comes to beautifying ourselves, there is much more than the superficial layer of increasing our bodily appeal. Our physical appearance is a huge determining factor in the development of personality. It is true that people form opinions about us by what they see physically but there is a more powerful link between how we look and how WE feel about ourselves.

The way we look not only influence people’s perception of our personality but how we think and perceive the world as well.

Genetics VS Environment:

Science says that two major factors influence our physical appearance; genetic makeup and the environment that we live in.

Some people are born with genetic makeup aka DNA that is more appealing to humans than others. Some are not so blessed that way. Our environment includes everything around us; weather, climate, living conditions, culture, religious values, and societal norms.

Mainly the environment that we live in shapes our personality. A person may not be physically attractive when judged according to the superficial standards of beauty but their investment towards their physical appearance may help them develop a great personality. Our hair, clothing, shoes, handbag, wallet, and wristwatch all affect our behavior and the way we act in a social setting. We act accordingly to our overall appearance i.e. confident, gregarious, shy, responsible, calm, or attention-seeking.

Art of hairdressing:

When it comes to aesthetics and cosmetics, men and women have very different standards and procedures. For women, the field is much more extensive while for men it has mostly to do with personal grooming i.e. hairstyling, beard, mustache, and sideburns grooming (in some cases hair sculpture as well).

Hairdressing and styling is a form of visual arts. It requires skill, experience, and a keen eye for identifying style according to face shape.

Hairstyling products:

All good barbers have a trick or two up their sleeve. They all have a go-to product when it comes to hair and beard grooming. There are many hair styling products available in the market such as wax, gel, and pomade.

Pomade in the 1800s:

The earliest use of pomade can be traced back to the 1800s. Ever since its invention, pomade revolutionized the hairstyling industry. The product was an instant hit with the male population because of how durable and effective it was for holding a more “tamed” wild look, classic Caesar cut, and Titus hairstyles.

Pomade was initially designed for afro-hair i.e. more coarse hair that was difficult to style and hold in place but soon it became equally popular with all kinds of people. Earlier products were scented and called pomade de Nerole and Pomade de Graffa.

But as Sophocles said, “Nothing vast enters life of mortals without a curse”, original pomade was an oil-based product that was closer to hair wax and it was extremely difficult to wash it out of the hair. Men have always had some hostility towards personal hygiene and when pomade came, they rarely washed hair, because it was difficult to take it out. Instead of finding a solution to it, they started using nightcaps to prevent soiling pillows and doilies to protect the backs of chairs.

Modern pomade:

Pomades have come a long way since their first introduction to the market in the 1880s. Thankfully, with the advent in civilization, there came water-based pomade. Both formulas are available in the market i.e. modern water-based and original oil-based. Many high-end pomade brands invest in Custom Pomade Packaging Boxes and now these are one of the luxury grooming items. Gator packaging is one of the leading packaging firms specializing in custom packaging for grooming products.

Oil-based pomades:

Oil-based pomades have become more effective and easy to use as well. They come in three consistencies

  • Heavy hold
  • Medium hold, and 
  • Light hold

As names suggest they are used according to the hair texture, hairstyle, and occasion.

Oil-based pomades are better than their ancient counterparts but still aren’t easy to rinse out or hair. If not used with care they can cause buildup similar to wax which may lead to acne, clogged pores, and permanent damage to hair follicles.

Unorthodox water-based pomades:

These products have a modern and improved formula that is water-based and is easier to rinse off. It doesn’t cause buildups, doesn’t damage the hair, and provides a good hold for regular use. On the downside, these are relatively more expensive than oil-based pomades and other styling products.

People complain that water-based pomades do not last too long which I honestly cannot decide is an advantage or disadvantage. You can easily wash it out of your hair after the day (or night) this makes it perfect for daily use; it can last easily for 16 to 18 hours and I don’t understand why anyone would feel a need to hold the hairstyle longer than that.


Pomades are used not just for hair on your head but for sideburns, mustaches, and beard grooming as well. This extremely versatile product can be used for multiple purposes. If you like to style your hair every day and still want to keep natural hair texture healthy, pomade is the product for you. it will help you look great and feel more confident and confident people are more likely to be nicer as they’re comfortable in their own skin.