6 Corner Boxes

Most companies in Online Retail and Bakery goods are known to use 6 corner boxes. The quality is dependent on what the box will be used for; if the box is being used for clothing and mystery box subscriptions, as it is popular nowadays, it is common for it to be made of corrugated cardboard so that it can handle the shipping and keep the products inside it. On the other hand, a softer cardboard is used for the bakery products and their 6 corner packaging by Gator Packaging as they are able to hold the baked goods better.



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Most bakery companies are known to use the 6 corner boxes for their aesthetic affect, these boxes are known to be secure but on top of that they hold a rather beautiful aesthetic and the look gives them a very elegant feel. The online retailers are known for the notorious mystery boxes, most cosmetic and clothing companies are launching mystery boxes and the boxes for these need to be very elegant but also secure to keep these products in one piece over a long distance travel, such as the 6 Corner custom boxes by Gator Packaging.

Graphic Design Support

If you want to Customize your boxes and are looking to get a beautiful graphic for the boxes that match your companies theme, logo and over all aesthetic, it is best to get in touch with out design team for a free consultation, they will help you sort things out for your design and help you come up with a clearer vision. You can even use their help to come up with a great, workable design that stands out.

High Definition Printing

If you are passing an aisle and you see two boxes, one is slightly blurry, quite smudged, very bad in font and hard bleeding colours on the print. While the other is beautiful, with defining colours, beautiful graphics and has clear wording on it, for the same product. Which product will you choose? Most will choose the good quality printing and design, that is why, we at Gator packaging provide you with great High quality printing for your 6 corner boxes.