Bowl sleeves Boxes

Bowl sleeve boxes are elegant sleeves, they are wide width and show an elegant lookout. They look quite classic and definitely show a certain sense of quality when used for the products due to the tight security they provide to the product inside. Bowl sleeve boxes by Gator Packaging is known to be of high quality, premium printing and amazing style. These sleeve boxes are known to be used by clothing, décor and bakery industries.



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Bowl sleeve boxes are make in a specific shape, they are on the wider end of the scale and have a short height. This allows them a unique look that is sure to make the product that they carry standout amongst the rest. Custom Bowl Sleeve boxes are hard to find in good quality and high definition digital graphic work but Gator packaging provides you with excellent quality graphics and high quality material. The cardboard used for this is thin but it is very strong and you can get it layered to make it stronger.

High Quality Printing

Gator packaging provides you with some of the highest quality printing, our printing quality is HD and the intricate details on the designs are not missed at all. Our company provides you with the designs that make a great impression on the client and the execution of these designs is enough to impress the most detail oriented person in the business. You need your box to stand out in the aisle and a bad quality print will not be there to make that happened. Weird lines, double text, smudges and bleeding ink are common bad print problems and these types of boxes are ignored by people as they scream “Lower Quality”, something we are completely against as our boxes are help to a quality check.

Quick Turn-Around

Our company knows that business needs to be looked after the manufacturing time and be fast in delivery and that is a law we practice by. Customers are our first priority and our manufacturing process is quite fast, not to mention the delivery time for these Bowl sleeve boxes is phenomenal. We make a great impression on those that work with us and make sure to keep the quality in check.