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Choosing Between Poly Mailers and Shipping Boxes

Published on: 13 Sep, 2022
poly mailers and shipping boxes

In the packaging industry, there is a wide range of materials available that are used to store and ship numerous products. The type of packaging method considered depends upon the nature of the items stored in it. For both e-commerce and traditional business, the packaging is the key factor that determines the profitability of a brand. If the items are not presented in an impactful manner, the chances of their sales automatically decrease. With the passage of time, the packaging supplies and materials have become extensive. The merchants can opt for any kind of packaging material they want, depending upon their requirements and according to the limitations of their budgets. With the huge variety of packaging boxes available to the consumers, they can be more creative while packaging their items and can provide their products with top-notch packaging quality and remarkable appearances.

Factors to consider in the selection of mailers or boxes

Mostly the merchants consider either mailers or shipping boxes for storing and shipment of their items. Both of these packaging materials are extremely popular and preferable for online businesses but are opted for depending upon the shipping frequency, size of items and budget, etc. The choice of appropriate packaging material is extremely important for every kind of business, especially the e-commerce one. Because in the online business, the product packaging is the only thing through which sellers can communicate with their customers and can ensure their dedication towards the quality of their products. If the type of packaging does not seem suitable for the product, it can downgrade the quality of items shipped in them and all the effort that went into the manufacturing processes can go futile.

Protection required by the items

Mailers require less material and adhesives as compared to the boxes but they also provide less resistance to the items packaged in them. Custom Mailer Boxes are usually made from cardboard material and prove to be more durable and sustainable for extremely fragile items.

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Range of budget

If you have more budget, you can go for shipping boxes because they require more material in their manufacturing. Moreover, because of being heavier and larger in size they also cost more shipment charges than the mailers.

Size and weight of items

Shipping heavier items in the mailers can be difficult and challenging. However, boxes can provide required stability to items that are slightly larger in size. So the decision between choosing mailers and boxes depends on the nature of the items shipped in them. For smaller items, mailers can be an ideal pick, and for larger items, boxes can be the ultimate solution to provide the items with required resistance from general wear and tear.

Mailers are termed best for the packaging of non-fragile items

Mailers are manufactured from less material as compared to shipping boxes. They take up less space and can be easily stored in relatively small places. This packaging form is considered to be cheaper and more convenient. Poly mailers are generally utilized in the packaging of a vast range of items including clothes, toys, books, and many other domestic items. If one has to ship items that do not require extra perseverance then poly mailers are the best option as they are a much more affordable means of packaging.

Poly mailers are simply polythene bags that are used by a huge range of retailers to package and ship nonfragile items all over the globe. On the other hand, shipping boxes can be used when one has to store and ship relatively delicate and fragile items that require extra protection such as crockery, electronics, jewelry, etc. These boxes are involved in providing a high-end customer experience and are relatively more expensive than the regular mailers.

When should a merchant use Mailers?

Mailers prove to be a perfect option for storing and shipping specific types of products.

In the shipping of small items

If we have to ship smaller items to the customers, then the mailers are considered to be the ideal choice.  The size of the mailer to be used should be decided according to the products packaged in them. We can use different types of mailers according to the variety of products stored and shipped in them.

  • Small mailers: perfect for the packaging of items up to 6 pounds
  • Medium mailers: Ideal to ship items up to 10 pounds of weight.
  • Larger mailers: These are the largest mailers and are used to package and deliver relatively heavier products.

These boxes are a great choice for packaging but should be considered when sellers have to deliver relatively lighter or smaller items and have limited investments.

When Shipping boxes should be considered?

The shipping boxes can be a great choice for items that need excess protection and durability from the environment.

In the packaging of fragile, heavier, or larger items

If a merchant has to deliver items that are more fragile in nature then the utilization of custom printed boxes can be a perfect choice. These boxes provide more resistance to the products packaged in them because of being more sturdy and durable. Moreover, if the items are heavier or larger in size, we have to consider these boxes for the packaging of these items. It may increase the shipping rates but our main concern should be the safety of items.

Both of these packaging materials hold importance but they should be selected by keeping the nature of the products to be delivered in mind.  If we choose mailers for heavy and sturdy items, they will not be able to provide the required stability to these products and they will be damaged consequently. On the other hand, if we use shipping boxes for the packaging of lighter and smaller items, it will increase the cost of the shipment and will prove to be a burden on the budget. Moreover, the shipping boxes occupy larger spaces so if someone has limited space in its warehouse to store the products then mailers would be the most appropriate pick. If we store more items in limited space, the chances of damage increase automatically which will eventually lower the quality of items packaged inside these boxes.

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