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Make Your Jewelry Stand Out This Holiday Season With Custom Displays

Published on: 11 Jul, 2024


It’s still pretty warm and sunny outside, there’s no doubt that the holiday selling season is upon us. This year, just like every year, Gator packaging is ready to be your partner to make sure that you have one of the biggest and best holiday-selling seasons yet. There’s no doubt that perfect packaging and display can set you apart this holiday season, and no holiday season is complete without a full assortment of on-trend jewelry. We’ve got a lot of great information to cover today about packaging and displays.

Easy to market your jewelry in personalized display packaging

Gator has some great packaging and displays on their website for you. These display boxes not only highlight the jewelry product but show you how to merchandise it. So, it’s really easy for your customers to visualize how they’re going to wear the pieces that they’re buying from you.

Ear party display packaging

Let’s talk about the fantastic ear party display packaging. Nowadays, studs and huggies are very on-trend. For trendy products, you need trendy packaging to display them for your customers.

Display packaging for studs

Something to note about display packaging for studs is that it’s really great to show your customer how to stack the pieces up their ear. A tip that I always like to give is to start from the top and work your way down. Start smaller with your tiny studs and then work your way down and get gradually bigger hoops as you go. Go on to see the packaging picture on our website to easily understand the information.

Trends change packaging

In the past, everyone’s used earring trees or earring stands to show earrings in cases. As the trends change, we want to make sure you have the right displays in the assortment to help you showcase these trends. As we mentioned, you’re building an ear stack and this display is perfect for that. It’s actually magnetic, so it comes right off the stand. You can either purchase it with the stand or alone, and you can use it with our other magnetic modular displays. It’s just the perfect way to showcase different types of earrings together.

Three different colors

These are available in three different colors: moon glow, black, and palladium, which is a gray color, so it’s easily able to be added to your display case.

Display chains packaging

We talked a little bit about the trendy studs and Huggies, but I want to about chains and charms. 

What’s going on with chains and charms display packaging?

We have got two displays that are really great individually, but I also like to talk about how they work well together as well.

Our premium display box can hold 10 chains. You can have it merchandised differently to capitalize on this chain trend. A chain can be worn alone or alongside a pendant or charm. Going over to the charming display we have, which was specially designed with a d-bail that fits the chains. It’s really easy for your customer to pick their chain and then easily see our charm assortment, all specifically designed to fit on these chains. It’s really great to show your customer the options with chains worn alone or layered. 

Travel cases

As we’ve mentioned with the ear and chain displays, this blog is about layering and expressing yourself, showing your story through jewelry. The particular display on our website that will benefit you on the run is our travel case. It is nice to be able to take all these pieces with you on the go. It also allows you to merchandise how you’re going to wear them before your trip. The bottom row on the display packaging will show all of your rings and how you want to stack them. You can also get your ear party going on that middle section with your hoops, as well as keep your necklaces all safe and tidy in that top pocket. So, it’s really nice to give as a gift or just make your customer aware that it’s available for all their travels.

Conversation for sale

Firstly, If you have a customer coming into your store. Secondly, let’s say they’re looking for something for their wife and also need a gift for their sister, this makes that perfect conversation. You can really prompt the conversation by asking your customers about their holiday plans. I know everyone is excited to travel this year, so I know the customers feel the same way.

Gift wrapping display boxes

I want you to remember that when people enter your business, make a purchase, and depart, that is your brand. That entire experience represents your brand and company. Adding that final touch with a tote and tissue, or maybe even some holiday gift wrap, just takes it to the next level. Above all, It leaves a lasting impression on the customer and reminds them to come back to you. Every time they want to either treat themselves or maybe for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.  It truly just brings everything together wonderfully.


In summary, your customers will love the trendy and stylish jewelry display packaging from Gator. These displays make it easy for them to see, choose, and buy your products. Your customers have come into your store, you have wowed them with your displays, and they’re buying one of everything. This is how personalized display packaging will make you stand out in the rest of the market. Therefore, don’t miss out on boosting your holiday sales. Visit Gator Packaging today to explore our range of custom display solutions!

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