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How Artificial Eyelashes Enhance your Makeup Look

Published on: 30 Jun, 2022
Artificial Eyelashes Enhance Makeup Look

Artificial eyelashes can effectively uplift your normal and ordinary makeup look. The use of these fake eyelashes is increasing and gaining importance day by day as they complement and improve the look of any kind of makeup which results in drawing more attention to your eyes. Eyes are the most important feature of our face and extra efforts are needed to enhance their look. By utilizing fake eyelashes we can give the illusion of bigger eyes, which can give an extra dimension to the natural shape of our eyes. These falsies can provide a dramatic and striking look even if you are not wearing full-face makeup. These artificial eyelashes aid in achieving an attractive look and highlights the aspects of the eyes.

There is a wide range of eyelashes used in the cosmetic industries, each provides a distinctive and significant look to the individuals. These eyelashes enhance the look of our face even if we are not wearing a full-face makeup.

Types of Artificial Eyelashes:

There are generally three types of artificial lashes mostly preferred by the customers.

Strip Lashes:

Strip lashes are the type of lashes that are attached to a crescent band and are generally in one piece. These eyelashes can be put on our eyelids in a single piece and can be conveniently removed when needed to be taken off. Strip lashes have comparatively more longevity than the other types of eyelashes and can last up to 12 hours per application. These lashes can be re-applied or reused approximately 17 times a month per pair which means purchasing at least two pairs of lashes in a month is enough. With minimum expense, an individual can have great lashes for approximately four weeks.

Individual Flare Lashes:

These are synthetic silk lashes and contain handcrafted clusters of 10D hairs, which are set on a very thin comfort band and are knot-free. These eyelashes blend with the natural line of lashes very efficiently and seamlessly. These eyelashes give a naturally random look to our face which means an individual can opt for these eyelashes on daily basis for achieving normal and go-to looks. The application processes of these flare eyelashes are similar to the hair extensions as they need to be attached one by one to our natural lash lines. These falsies can make our lashes look thicker, stronger, and longer. We can stick these lashes on our natural lash lines with the aid of adhesives. These eyelashes can last up to 8 weeks.

Individual Single Lashes:

These are the type of lashes that are added to your natural eyelashes in the form of groups with the help of adhesives. These falsies are temporary and prove to be much cheaper than the other types of lashes. These individual single lashes can add length and volume to an individual’s normal eyelashes while maintaining a natural look. These lashes can last up to 4 to 6 weeks depending upon the quality and the way these individual eyelashes are used.

If we want a normal and subtle look then these individual single lashes are the best choice but if are wearing heavy makeup on occasions and events, then strip lashes are the ones we should opt for. There is a wide range of lashes we can choose to achieve different kinds of looks whether it is party makeup, a go-to makeup, or a bridal makeup look.

5 Reasons why should we opt for Artificial Eyelashes:

There are numerous reasons to use these artificial eyelashes because they complement our ordinary makeup look in so many ways with less consumption of effort.

Fake Eyelashes Can Prove to be Good for your Natural Eyelashes:

By using these fake lashes, the application of mascara to our lashes on daily basis is minimized, these can prove to be very beneficial for the health of our natural eyelashes. As the mascara can make our natural lashes weak and brittle. The reduction of the daily use of mascara in our daily lives can allow our natural lashes to be healthy and grow properly. However, while applying these fake eyelashes to our natural lash lines, extra care is needed. We should not rub our eyelids while wearing these falsies which can damage our natural lashes.

Achieve Great Looks with Minimum Efforts:

Some day’s individuals want to look great without putting on heavy makeup, in those days’ false eyelashes can totally save you. By using a pair of lashes we can skip applying foundation, concealer, or heavy eye makeup and these fake lashes will definitely uplift the overall look of your face by adding length, thickness, and volume to our natural lash lines.

Can Draw Attention:

lashes in custom boxes

Our eyes are that kind feature on our face, generally called the center of attention, they are the first thing anyone notices when they look at your face. By using these falsies more attention can be drawn to our faces. These falsies can also defy the aging signs on our faces. Due to stress and aging, our face looks dull and tired which is reflected through our eyes. By applying these lashes, we can achieve a fresh and youthful look in minutes.

Can be Applied all Day and in Any Season:

These eyelashes are generally designed on cotton bands which makes them extremely comfortable and convenient so we can wear them all day long with great ease. They are also a safe choice to be worn in temperature extremes. The lash glue used to adhere these falsies to our natural lashes is very sticky and water-resistant so even in extremely hot and dry conditions our lashes will not be ruined.

Uplift your Look from Good to Glam:

When we need to achieve heavy and extra makeup looks, we can effectively rely on these fake eyelashes. We can transform our boring makeup into a dramatic and glamorous one within a few minutes by applying these artificial eyelashes. With these falsies, we don’t need to apply complicated eye shadows, mascaras, or eyeliners to our eyes because they can individually complement and uplift our overall makeup look.

As these products are so popular and high in demand, there are numerous brands manufacturing these artificial lashes and making them accessible to their customers. Each brand offers premium quality to its products. If retailers want to make their brand significant among the other rival brands, they should also pay great attention to the presentation of their products in addition to their quality. The display of an item aids it to make it stand out in the market and helps to grab the attention of onlookers on a large scale. We can enhance the overall appearance of our products by packaging them in custom eyelash boxes. We can customize these boxes into various designs, shapes, color schemes, and patterns.

Furthermore, we should opt for the kind of boxes that are recyclable and bio-degradable so they don’t exert any adverse and harmful effects on the environment. We can choose materials like cardboard, Kraft, or corrugated packaging for the manufacturing of these customized boxes, all of these materials are safe for the environment and prove to be cost-effecting and affordable. We can prepare these boxes with minimum expenses and they can complement the outlook of our products effectively by making them remarkable and prominent among the other existing products in the market.

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