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How to Incorporate Storytelling into Your Custom Packaging Design

Published on: 02 Jun, 2023
Custom Packaging Design

What is custom packaging if not a vessel for storytelling? The notion behind the innovation of custom packaging was developing a personalized connection. What better way could be to depict a story to the customer than creating a customized package for your custom product? The originality of your idea and the uniqueness of your product, even the history of your brand can all be depicted by the simple vessel of a custom package. However, depicting a story and specifically the story of your brand is an art in itself. 

Generally, people do not pay heed to the importance of custom packaging. They focus only on its function as a safety necessity. But it can be so much more. Custom packaging has the potential to grasp the attention of your customer and mesmerize them to their core with its storytelling ability.

The question remains, how to incorporate your story into the packaging so it sends the right message? Here we have a list of tips for you to follow in order to end up with just the right story to tell your customers through your custom packaging design.

The Valiance of the Message

The first step is to decide the story you want to communicate to your customers. There are a variety of stories that you can convey to your customer base. First of all, know your customer base and understand the kind of story they will find compelling. You can choose from the plethora of experiences your product goes through during its journey from production to sale. You can depict the origin of the product components and their related backstory. Or you can write about your idea of the business and its history. The options are innumerable, the world behests at the feet of your creativity. One little tidbit, emotions run deep in people and form lifelong connections. If the story of your choosing has an emotional component to it, it will end up forming a strong memory in the customer’s mind. Such strong memories easily turn into affiliations and in that swift way a customer is retained for life.

Emphasis on Delivery

The second part of storytelling through custom packaging entails its rightful delivery. In this advanced world of graphics, there are plenty of ways you can deliver your story. Do not limit your story if your package is small, think creatively for in this digital era there are no limits.

Mode of delivery

The mode of delivery requires you to think of a few technicalities. There are many ways you can use to depict your story. There are words in all its glory as an option. The graphic illustrations offer ease of advertisement. Moreover, you can use QR codes to form illustrations if your customer base is tech-savvy. Some carefully placed images on the package allow the customer to visualize your story. Even the designs you incorporate in the arrangement can pass on the necessary idea behind your story to the customer. It is entirely upon your imagination and the perception abilities of your customers on which you base your mode of delivery.


Once you have finalized the story you want to tell and the mode of delivery that perfectly depicts that story we can move on to the last step. The ideal location of your story on the customized package. The design of the custom package is curated with much complexity. Certainly, a story adds a zest to the package but we can not disrupt the design to fit in the story. The idea is to choose the side of the package that is visible enough that the customer will catch onto the story. At the same time, it should be placed in a way that does not vex the design. 


Whether you choose words or images or go for a tech-savvy approach like QR codes to depict your story. Regardless of the angle you choose to base on your story. Depicting the history of the brand or core values of the brand. Even if you choose to mention the sources of the ingredients that make up your product. This added touch of personalization creates a real-life connection. It invigorates emotions in the mind of your customers. These emotions are a potent vessel to distinguish yourself from your competition. The humane touch added by the stories onto the custom package design is the real game changer. It allows the customer to resonate with you on a basic human level. In turn, it allows the customer to visualize your struggle and relate to it. This deep human connection creates the difference between one sale to a lifelong customer. 

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