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Kraft, Recycled, or Compostable: Which Mailer can Prove to be Ideal for your Brand?

Published on: 13 Sep, 2022
mailer boxes

Mailers are available in all three sorts of packaging material. i.e. either Kraft, recycled, or compostable packaging. All of these materials have different characteristics and are chosen according to the demands and requirements of both retailers and consumers. Environmental issues like global warming and pollution are increasing every single day and require great concern. One of the main culprits that give rise to these ecological problems is the packaging material of items. Most of the companies use harmful and non-biodegradable materials for storing and packaging their products which as a result, causes numerous delirious effects on the natural wellbeing of our environment. Due to the negligence in the selection of eco friendly packaging material, a lot of irreversible environmental problems take place.

Compostable Mailers are Termed Best for Packaging

One should keep in mind that the health of our planet should be our top concern and should not be compromised at any cost. We should opt for eco-friendly packaging materials that are safer for our surroundings. All the three forms of materials available for mailers are eco-friendly and bio-degradable that uplifts the appearance of a product without causing any negative impacts on our environment. Retailers choose these materials according to the availability of these packaging forms and according to their affordability ranges. All three materials differ from each other in terms of their quality and durability. However, the most preferred packaging material is considered to be the compostable one because of being more sustainable, versatile, and disposable.

Why are Compostable Mailers an ideal choice for your business?

Out of all the three types of mailers, compostable mailers stand out and make themselves significant. These mailers are produced from totally recycled paper and can be produced in either backyard or on a commercial level.  They are manufactured from a combination of plant materials such as straw or wheat corn and from bio-based polymers. Both of these materials are safe for the environment. In terms of sustainability, the compostable poly mailers are the best and leave no traces behind. These mailers are generally black in color, are waterproof, and are available in various sizes.

Being an Appropriate Option for E-Commerce

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Compostable mailers are the best thing ever happened to E-Commerce. A lot of retailers have considered this packaging type, their first preference. Because in the e-commerce business, the packaging of material holds great importance, it reflects the quality of the products packaged inside. Product packaging is the first thing that customers notice and it helps them to build a point of view about a certain brand. Compostable poly mailers are a perfect choice of packaging for online businesses because of being more durable and resistant. These mailers are waterproof and can be used to ship items over larger distances very conveniently without compromising the quality of items packaged inside them. Compostable mailers also prove to be extremely affordable and aid in enhancing the outlook of products. As these mailers are compostable they also minimize the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

By Opting for Compostable Mailers, the Use of Plastic can be Cut Down

Compostable mailers are made from bio-degradable and reusable material which can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, this minimizes the risks of any environmental issues like global warming or pollution. On the other hand, plastic can never be decomposed completely and can exert a lot of negative effects on the natural well-being of our environment. Plastic also disturbs wildlife. By using compostable mailers as an alternative to plastic packaging we can effectively save our environment from the hazardous factors.

Compostable Mailers have no Downsides

The compostable mailers are as sturdy as other poly mailers. Moreover, they also provide water resistance to the products packaged in them. These compostable mailers come with two adhesive strips and can be utilized more than once so that the online products can be returned in the same packaging. These mailers do not contain any constituent of polythene and are completely made from corn starch and from the combination of two bioplastics i.e. PLA and PBAT. These mailers are printed with non-toxic ink and are regarded as the first carbon-negative mailer in the market.

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