Paper Brief Case

These Paper Brief Case boxes are manufactured in a plain flat shape but and they can easily assemble and also can foldable into their original structure. These brief case boxes are sturdy and durable and mostly used for sensitive and paper items. Especially when you have to stored them and to organized them in a delicate manner without damaging their nature. These brief cases can be tailored in various dimensions in terms of shapes, styles, designs and structure.



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Paper Brief Case box is manufactured with the use of rigid cardboard stock by using its high quality. These boxes are stylish, elegant and modern as well and mostly known for their handy packaging that is used to store personal documents, important notes and any kind of paper stuff. In fact, this type of packaging also used for other products like food items and with their easy packaging it helps you to carry your things with you to anywhere. These Paper brief case boxes have a front panel, and a rare panel as well with slightly raised walls and at the end they have a flip cover. The top panel and the front panel are interlinked with the help of die cut window lock. With this lock, everything that is kept inside or going to be keep can be protected or secured from any kind of mishandlings. This type of packaging delivered to clients in a plain shape and they can assemble them easily with their hands. As these cases are durable so die-cut handle cutout can also help to give strength to these brief cases and provide versatile look. These boxes are totally beneficial and functional for all types of documents to be keep and for any kind of little items to be stored in given space.

Exceptional Features

We manufacture these customized brief case boxes with profound features that make them more reliable and astonishing. Corrugated, Kraft, eco-friendly cardboards and paperboards are used to give it a trendy and sturdy look. If you want that your logo or company has to be printed on these boxes, then we will do it as per your wish. We can enhance your box by imprinting the delicate images on these cases with the help of CMYK/PMS printing techniques that are used by our graphic experts. We offer off-set, 3D and digital printing. Add-ons; lamination, glossy/matte finishing, spot-UV, ink raising, embossing, debossing and coating all these options for finishes can make your custom-made case boxes to look remarkable and with these options you can do branding of your products as well as packaging is the key to sell the products.

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Our shipping and booking services are best and we don’t charge for them as we just want your satisfaction. If you found any kind of inconveniences related to booking or in placing your order don’t get worried, our wholesale team is here to help you out from such problems with their 24/7 availability. Our main aim is to provide our customers with best quality material and to take their brand to next level with our excellent services.