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Popcorn – A Healthy Snack for Everyone

Published on: 24 Jun, 2022
Popcorn - A Healthy Snack

Popcorn is a snack loved by everyone. It is that kind of light snack that you can munch on without having any kind of guilt. It is a light easily digestible and a low fat food item that can be consumed by people from every generation without having any kind of harmful effects on health. As popcorns are very popular worldwide, they are eaten in different forms, with various kind of toppings, enhancing its taste. Popcorn is a snack made with very low efforts, a lot of time or equipment is not required in its manufacturing processes. There are so many manufacturers making this snack accessible to the people with numerous modifications and flavors.

Each brand offers a unique taste to their customers, which helps the brand to gain distinction and recognition among customers. If an item is so popular in the market and holds a very tough competition, how can we make a difference and significant impact regarding our product in the eyes of customers? One of the key factor is its packaging. If a product is presented in a very unique and extra ordinary manner to the people, it is definitely going to stand out in the crowd and beat the other rival brands. We can make a powerful impression by using custom popcorn boxes for the packaging of our products. Customized boxes are really a great choice to enhance and complement the outlook of our items.

We can use corrugated, Kraft or cardboard boxes as the packaging material, all of these boxes are eco-friendly and cost effecting forms of food packaging which helps to increase the sales effectively. Products packaged in these boxes can be note-worthy and remarkable to the consumers which results in grabbing the attention of people and influencing their purchasing behaviors.

4 Advantageous Effects of Popcorns on our Body:

As being high in fiber and low in saturated fats, popcorn is a great choice as a healthy snack.

Aids in Weight Loss:

It is a snack that is low in calories and energy density and is high in fiber.  Because of being low in calories it is very effective in weight loss. One cup of popcorn contains almost 31 calories which is lower than any other famous snacks. As it is easily digestible and gives a feeling of fullness, it can also be very effective in preventing overeating, which is one of the main reasons for obesity.

Lowering the Risk of Hypertension:

Popcorns can play an effective role in lowering the risks of high blood pressure levels. As they are low in calories and fats, they are a great choice of food items and can be consumed between daily meals.

Healthful for Patients Having Diabetes:

Popcorns are a safe choice for diabetic patients. People with diabetes should keep a check on their glycemic index (GI) and choose the items to eat according to this index. Popcorns have around 55 GI which is considered to be low as compared to other popular snacks. Diabetic patients are also supposed to control their weight, popcorns provide satiety for longer periods of time controlling the appetite and minimizing overeating. These factors can effectively help control weight.

Prevents Heart-Related Diseases:

Fiber is a component found prevalent in popcorn. We should include popcorn in our daily balanced life as it is a very important nutrient required by our body. As popcorn is rich in fiber, it is very efficacious in preventing the risks of coronary and cardiovascular diseases. Popcorns are very beneficial for our health but they are sometimes mixed with a variety of add-ons like caramel, faux cheese, truffle oil, parmesan or garlic pepper that enhances the taste of these snacks but make them less beneficial for health by increasing fats and carbohydrates. If popcorns are consumed in the plain form, they can prove to be much advantageous on our health.

How Popcorns Became So Famous:

Popcorns are the type of snack; that everyone are familiar with. They are the most convenient and inexpensive form of food product with a very promising taste and a lot of health benefits, these are the key factors that helped this snack to gain worldwide popularity.

Popcorns Became So Famous

It is a very low budget item for both sellers and consumers. So there are abundant manufacturers producing this item on daily basis as the demand is very high. Popcorns can prove to be a very fruitful business, which can aid in generating huge revenues. People opt for making popcorns on commercial level because they don’t require a number of processes, large investments or a costly equipment. So popcorns are a great source of profit oriented business.

A Quintessential Movie Snack:

Popcorns have become a symbol of movie theatres over the years. They have formed such a deep bond with movies that popcorns are not only restricted to movie theaters. They are enjoyed at any place where movies are being watched. We cannot imagine a movie night without a big box of popcorns in our hands.

Popcorns became much famous in 1940s when every movie theatre owner arranged a stall of popcorns outside their movie halls. In that period movie theatres were in need of fund stability and economic boost. It proved to be a best choice for them by adding a lighter and healthier snack in these theaters. Popcorns then became a huge reason for generating large amounts of revenues and helped to stabilized numerous businesses.

Main Ingredients:

Popcorns are generally made from six type of corns especially kernels. They have a mainly a combination of maize and kernels as their prominent constituents. They have three major components including pericarp, germ and endosperm. Endo sperm is a type of carbohydrate, which is generally yellow or white in color. Endosperm consists of starch granules. The key function of starch is to provide energy. It is the only type of corn that expands and can be popped up by increasing temperature, which gives them a soft and scrumptious taste.

Nutritional Value:

It is a very healthy snack with low carbs and fats. It usually contains 375 calories, 78 grams of carbs and 5 grams of fat per every 100 grams.

Total Fat 4.3 g         6%
Dietary fiber 13 g52%
Potassium 274 mg7%
Protein 11 g22%
Vitamin D0%
Vitamin B6    15%
Saturated fat 0.6 g  3%
Sodium 7 mg0%
Vitamin C0%
Total Carbohydrate 74 g24%

One of the Healthiest Snack:

Popcorns prove to be one of the most famous and popular snacks around the world. They are extremely high in fiber. In addition to having a unique and wonderful taste it is also beneficial for our health. It is a snack which can be consumed on daily basis without having any major side effects. It is loaded with a great range of nutrients and vitamins required by our body. Popcorn is a whole grain snack which makes it one of a kind as snacks usually don’t have such great nutritional values.

Most of the snacks have injurious effects on our health if consumed on daily basis but popcorns prove to be good for people from every age group. It constitutes polyphenol anti-oxidants which are considered to have so many health benefits.

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