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Qualities, Types, and Important Elements of Custom Boxes

Published on: 12 Feb, 2024
Elements of Custom Boxes

What Things Excite you most About the Products?

It is the box that compels you to check the product. You will never open the box if it’s boring, only appealing and attractive packaging lets you unbox.

Businesses must invest almost five percent of their profits in the packaging. They drive sales by creating the first impression that often leads to lasting impact.

Packaging is necessary as it contains, protects, and presents products. Successful brands make their product box designs appealing by incorporating all branding elements. Grab your United States customer’s attention with custom boxes in Alaska.


Custom packaging has numerous qualities. They are one-stop solutions for packaging as they are tailored according to customer’s needs and requirements. 

Packaging is not about protecting products, they create emotions and evoke people to buy products. Brands enhance their customer engagement with the power of packaging.

Promote Products

You see the packaging somewhere and now you want the product. Why? Because you are so inspired by the box quality, creative design, aesthetic colors, and quality printing you want to experience the product.

It is the passive promotion of the products through packaging that leaves an impression that people never forget.

Marketing Tool

Customized packaging is best for marketing. From the retailer to the consumers, it is the boxes that make your brand and products visible. Make them appealing as they are passive marketing too that are crucial for branding.

Differentiate Brand

The market is hyper-competitive and small brands always remain in search of effective ways to create a difference.

You enter the market and find dozens of products on the shelves. Which thing will let you pick one? 

It is the custom boxes of the products that you find attractive and different from the rest that let you pick the product.

Every business that wants to make its products differentiable must work on all those things to create a difference. This is the quality of the packaging that is undeniable.


One of the best qualities of custom packaging boxes is that they are versatile. They come in every size, shape, and design making them a flexible option for every kind of product.

Unboxing Experience

Customer prefers those brands again and again who make their unboxing experience memorable. For this purpose, give a final touch to the boxes with luxury finishing like embossing, debossing, matte lamination, glossing, thank you cards, and customer-printed names.


Custom packaging boxes have numerous types as they are designed according to product requirements and specifications. These types are:

Folding Cartons

They are easily foldable solid board packaging that is best for retail businesses. Folding cartons are versatile and lightweight as they are spacious. That’s why, it is easy to mention product information on it. 

Using these boxes makes your products more appealing as they come in various shapes, styles, and designs.

Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated boxes are best for e-commerce businesses as they are lightweight, budget-friendly, and durable. They provide amazing protection to products during shipping.

For delicate and fragile products, corrugated boxes are best as they consist of three layers. These boxes are popular due to their excellent protection.

Rigid Packaging

Rigid boxes are a good option for customizing them in any shape, design, and size. They are like chipboard and paperboard as rigid packaging material is sturdy and thick. These boxes make a good option for luxurious products and give a premium look. Set-up boxes are another famous name for rigid packaging.

Important Elements

The purpose of packaging is not only to pack products. They must be comprised of all branding elements that complete them from each aspect. By doing this, you will elevate your brand value by satisfying your customers. Here are the essential elements of the custom boxes:

Right Size

What will be your thoughts when you open a giant packaging and find the tiny products inside it? 

You hate this idea as no one likes to see the unfit packaging. Take the correct measurement of your products from each angle to make the packaging boxes of the right and perfect size.

It becomes easy to displace the products inside the boxes if the packaging is accurate and right according to the products.

Sturdy Material

Quality of material matters as they not only protect the product from damage and contamination but also play a crucial role in enhancing the shelf life.

Ensure that your product packaging material is of good quality especially they are sturdy and durable.

Pleasing Designs

Getting people’s attention is not easy. This is the reason that companies invest their money, time, and energy to make appealing designs.

Most often brand update their customized packaging design to capture their target audience at a single glance. Choose the design that rightly suits your brand and product.

First, analyze your audience’s interest in this regard. If they love seeing old things, then use the vintage designs. There are numerous options regarding designing like mascot characters, patterns, and many more according to your customer’s interest.


No doubt that colors have a great psychological impact. Some prefer light and earthy colors to create sophistication and elegance. Bold colors also look good and give packaging an appealing look. Select the colors of the box according to the product and brand.


Enhance the look of the packaging with quality printing. Choose the best printing option that gives the premium look of the packaging. Digital printing is the best printing technology that provides quality results like offset within a limited budget without the need for printing plates.


Reduce carbon footprint in the environment with biodegradable and plant-based materials. They are recyclable and reusable packaging that provides green solutions. Customers are now more conscious and ready to spend more money on eco-friendly boxes.

Final Words

Get outstanding custom boxes from the Gator Packaging of every style, design, and shape. Give your customers a memorable unboxing experience with the packaging of elegant designs, aesthetic colors, and quality printing. Elevate your brand and enhance your loyal customer base by creating a difference in the market.

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