Seal End Auto Bottom

If you want to have attractive and innovative packaging solution for your retail-ready products, then you can have them from us as we customized all kind of custom-made boxes as per our customer’s requirements. Seal end auto bottom box is the perfect for your packaging requirements and this packaging will help in boasting your brand and product. With this type of strong structure that is designed by our graphic designers you can store or keep your heavy weight products inside them. These boxes are much better than tuck end boxes because of their seal strength.



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These boxes are remarkable because of their rigidness and durable nature and they are known for their exclusive strength and they give guarantee to secure the enclosed product inside them. Seal End Auto Bottom comes in flat shapes and then can be turned into their original structure by just stretching them. These custom-made boxes are so flexible or foldable that they can carry all kind of heavy stuff in them without letting them fall or crumpled. Because their one end is sealed totally so they give full support and give elegant impression. And because of the tuck end flap and auto lock bottom flap they make these Seal End Auto Bottom boxes ideal and perfect for packaging and an example to secure the heavy or fragile kind of products who need extra security. You can get these boxes from us, manufactured in any dimension as per you demand. We can tailor your customized boxes with the help of our professionals and will give them extra-ordinary look that will make them to stand out in the market as an example. In fact, our packaging will help you in branding your industry and will help you in maximize the profitability in your business.

 Remarkable Features

There are some additional features that help in enhancing your product and that can be added by our graphic designers to make you satisfied with their work as every company wants to be at the top of the que of top sellers. And with our efforts and determination towards work will definitely help you in this. For printing, we use raised inks that are totally chemical-free and give sparkling colors to ignite the urge of the customers to buy your products. And we do offer 3D, digital and off-set printing that will help to upgrade the worth of your packaging as printing matters, and you can ask any of these printing options as per your budget and concerns. We do offer best quality in all terms whether if its printing, finishes options or cardboards stock. There are some choices for surface finishes that are; rough matte/ glossy look, lamination, foiling of gold/silver, embossing, debossing, perforation, die-cutting etc. with these finishes you can make your product look attractive and eye-catchy. For paper stock, corrugated cardboards, nature-friendly Kraft, cardstocks and paperboards are the options and you can choose any of them according to your needs and the nature of the product.

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By providing best and superior quality to our customers with 100% pure material, we will satisfy our customers. Our main aim is to meet all the expectations of our customers and to provide them with best of the best quality that will take their business to the heights of success. In spite all of these services, we also offer our customers with free of cost booking and delivery services. And if you have any query you can contact our wholesale team for your help.