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The Role of Custom Packaging in Creating a Memorable Customer Experience

Published on: 02 Jun, 2023
Creating a Memorable Customer Experience

The world of custom packaging was created in order to fulfill the human desire to feel special. Every customer that purchases a product feels they are entitled to a little bit more. A little more connection or a little more personalized experience, or even a little gratification. The goal is to mesmerize the customer to the extent that they keep coming back. It is a fact that all businesses thrive on repeat customers. The economic reason behind it is that acquiring a new customer requires even more investment than retaining an existing customer. It is the very fact that custom packaging has the power to create a memorable experience, that grasps the customer to the brand, that it has started to dominate the world of packaging.

In this insight, we intend to explore all the roles that custom packaging plays in creating a memorable customer experience.

A surprise within

In the current economic times, the corporate world is becoming increasingly oblique. During such times if you retain the ability to catch your customer off guard you will certainly create a mark in their mind. The smallest of gestures can go a long way in making your customer feel the zeal in your deal. Surprises in the packaging can be customized to anything your company has to offer to its loyal clients. 

Samples disguised as Gifts

The surprises you plan on incorporating in the custom package do not always have to be grand. They can simply be sample-size products that might go complementary with the product that is bought by the customer. If your customer purchases a hand cream, you might add a sample of your face cream. It serves two purposes, firstly it allows the customer to feel that they have received more than what they paid for. Moreover, it markets your product to the customer by bringing your other products to light. Every person loves a good deal and most customers like to be on the better side of the bargain. By including a small sample the customer feels as though they bargained for a better deal essentially because they get a free product inside. Going about surprises this way doesn’t put a dent in your budget and at the same time creates a notable memory that helps the customer hold your product fondly.

Discount codes play a hard bargain

Another way to pleasantly surprise your customers is to provide them with a discount code. Imagine opening up a package and finding a discount code for a future purchase. It is not an easy feat to disregard such a token. A bargainer can never let go of a discount. The prospect of discount in this economy elates a customer. Often it runs a dual campaign. It ends up attracting the customer to purchase a product that they might not have bought otherwise. The temptation of a deal that allows that customer alone to spend a lesser amount is way stronger than the will to stop shopping. A discount code on the purchase of the product coaxes the customer to keep coming back for more. It is like a potion that one can never get enough of.

Firstly it retains the customer of your brand. Secondly, by offering discount codes on selective products you end up creating passive traction. If a product is not being sold at the rate you want it to, you can simply offer a discount code specific to that product and add it to the packages being sold. In this manner, you expose the customer to your product and end up alluring them to purchase it through the discount code.

A Token of Appreciation

A small token of appreciation through a sweet in the package and thank you card can show your gratification for the purchase. By communicating your gratitude to the customer you allow them to feel important enough. On one hand, it is absolutely true for any brand that they do feel a sense of accomplishment when a sale is made but the feeling is not often communicated across the lines of the sale. Through an unexpected thank you card you involves the customer in your experience and recognize their involvement in your accomplishment.

In this manner, you create a fond memory in the customer’s mind, as they read along the thoughtful lines of your card in the package. If the package lands in the hand of a sentimental human, they might even save your token of appreciation and keep it as a souvenir. You see how a small and simple gesture creates such a long-lasting effect. This phenomenon where the customer feels appreciated creates a fond memory in their mind. Through this small token of appreciation, the package of your product becomes an entire experience.


There are only so many ways you can acquire a memorable experience for your customer. Custom packaging allows you a great deal of room to do so. Of course, the product is a major connection to the customer. And the quality of the product sticks long in the customer’s mind. But custom packaging is a pro that is out of a customer’s expectation. Now, you tell us, isn’t it better to receive a present anonymously than to have to ask for it? A surprise always sticks in the fond memories of the brain. And that is the kind of experience you want your customer to remember. 

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