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Things to Consider When Making Rigid Boxes for Perfume

Published on: 16 May, 2022
Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Everyone wants to improve their appearance and appeal by using the greatest beauty products. Perfumes are one of the most popular cosmetic products. These emit a nice e that enhances a person’s attractiveness and charm. Perfume affects personality, making a person appear elegant and appealing. The perfumes of various fragrant types are sold in stores. You will find a clutter of perfume goods in the market.

There are numerous product options in the market for perfume products. Companies are improving their packaging to stand out among these goods. As a result, they will need to invest in packaging. Making one-of-a-kind boxes could promote a company’s brand. Long-term customers for scents and brands might be attracted to wonderful box packaging. To increase sales, product boxes must be improved in a variety of ways, including perfume box printing. Packaging design is significant because it communicates the value of the product to customers. This will also help to build consumer trust in the brand.

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Considerations When Making Rigid Perfume Boxes:

Packaging is an important marketing tool. Innovation boxes are ideal for increasing sales and engaging consumer curiosity. Attractive packaging might make people want the goods right away. For example, appealing perfume boxes will entice buyers and increase sales. Modernization allows for the creation of ideal professional-looking packaging. There are numerous options for producing such boxes using high-quality printers and unusual materials. However, custom printed rigid boxes are the ideal way to produce perfume packaging. In retailers, perfume boxes come in a range of designs, color combinations, and styles. You have to keep few factors in mind when making rigid perfume boxes:

Features of Rigid Perfume Boxes

  • Custom rigid perfume boxes provide durability, prolonged sustainability, product safety, and excellent blending of attractive branding.
  • They are the perfect option for providing additional support to protect perfume from damage, dent, and destruction during traveling and shipping.
  • Rigid perfume packaging stays intact during drastic temperature changes, humidity, and shocks.

Styles of Rigid Packaging Boxes

There are numerous styles of rigid boxes that are popular and perfect for use.

  • Drawer Box

Matchboxes like these sliding drawer boxes are best for satisfying the customer’s needs. Opening this packaging horizontally instead of vertically is a more convenient way to use them.

  • Folding Box

For fragile products, brands prefer folding rigid packaging boxes. Owing to their unique appearance, they make the best option for high-end clothes, perfumes, and sweets.

  • Sleeve box

They provide the flexibility to personalize the box in numerous ways. The size of the product should be according to the packaging that fixes the product inside perfectly.

  • Tube-type box

These rigids rolled-type packaging conveniently store the small items within them like perfume, beverages, and stationery. The features of these rigid rolled boxes include an easy opening mechanism and an environmentally friendly and distinctive design.

  • Custom-shaped box

Customized boxes offer the option to design them in any pattern or color to fit your customer and company needs.

  • Flip-Top Box

“Cigar Box” is another popular name for Flip-Top Box. They close firmly due to their magnetic strip. For regularly used objects, they are the perfect option.

Long Lasting Boxes:

The primary function of packaging is to safeguard the perfume. Perfumes are delicate objects that are easily damaged or broken. It should not only be appealing, but it should also provide security. As a result, the perfume boxes must be strong enough to ensure the entire safety of these things. The material should be strong enough not to wear out quickly. Also, adding an insert to these boxes will keep the delicate perfume bottles in place. It will provide additional security for these valuables.

Convenience and Comfort:

In addition to retaining the scents, the container should allow for easy use or handling. The box should improve the product’s visual attractiveness and help it stand out on shelves. Customers would choose these because of their convenience of packaging. Customers like ease, so this perfume packaging will help the product stand out in the market.

Rigid Boxes For Perfume Packaging

Customer Attraction:

In markets, there are numerous options for every cosmetic product. Customers can select from a variety of brands when looking for perfumes. Make the packaging interesting to catch the attention of shoppers in this sea of products. To attract clients’ attention, a perfume box must be attractive and informative. A one-of-a-kind packaging will entice customers to buy the goods and return for more. As a result, well-designed packaging can earn a label repeat customers.

Brand Recognition:

Customers will be more devoted to a company if they have an exceptional experience with perfume boxes. Customers will be able to recognize the brand the next time they go shopping. It is a common fact that customers remember something unique, and they will recognize your goods among others. To make the perfume stand out, the packaging should include a brand logo or tagline. Customers will consider the brand as valued if they had a favorable encounter. As a result, a well-known brand reputation in the business has been established.

Size Compatibility:

Perfume bottles of various sizes are produced by all brands. When designing packaging, the emphasis must be on selecting the appropriate box size. Before packaging, precise dimensions must be taken. The packaging will fit the merchandise if the goods are properly measured. It is not a good idea to use a standard size box for all perfumes. Because these are delicate components, improper packaging will jeopardize product safety. A large or tiny box, for example, will allow perfume movement and risk breaking the perfume. So make the suitable size perfume boxes.

Luxury Appearance:

The perfumes are high-end items that represent elegance. Its boxes must also reflect this, so the packing should have a rich appearance. This can be accomplished with specific embossing, debossing, and gold or silver foil. This will give the box a high-end, opulent appearance which is necessary for product visibility. Boxes must be elegant for perfume boxes to stand out from the crowd. For example, the rigid perfume boxes with luxurious prints will give a rich look.

Advantages of Using Rigid Boxes

There are numerous advantages of having rigid packaging for your product. Its benefits are given here:

  • Protection and Durability
  • Strong Branding
  • Increase Brand Image
  • Customization
  • Cost Effective
  • Versatility


What is the best primary packaging material for perfume?

The most common primary packaging material for perfume is “Glass”. They are making the best option as they have the best ability to preserve the perfume quality. Its aesthetic look with different shapes and styles elevates the perfume’s looks.

What is the description of “Rigid Boxes”?

Popularly known as “Setup Box”, rigid boxes are manufactured from the strong material of paperboard. The advantage of paperboard and paperboard type material is that they are sustainable and 4 times stronger than regular folding boxes.

Which material is perfect for Rigid Perfume Packaging?

The best material for the rigid boxes is “Cardboard “and “Paperboard”. Both these materials are cost-effective and eco-friendly. They have a low environmental impact as they are recyclable and renewable.

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