Tuck End Auto Bottom

Tuck End Auto Bottom boxes are the most reliable ones for the packaging purposes and for retail-ready products of gifts. These boxes are trustworthy if you want to store heavy weight and sensitive products that will get damaged by falling in fact these boxes can be used for shipping the products as well because of the glued bottom they have. These custom-made boxes are safe for transiting so from Gator Packaging they are safest. These boxes can be manufactured in many shapes and sizes and they are made from high quality material for the perfect packaging. And because of the glued bottom these are risk free for handling and as we all know that packaging is for safety so we construct boxes while keep this thing in mind.



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Gator Packaging always offers high quality products to its clients. To secure your fragile products and to upgrade your business, these custom packaged Tuck End Auto Bottom Boxes play a vital role for this.   This packaging will definitely enhance the value of your product as customers get attracted towards the packaging, towards that can be seen easily and that steal their attention. Every brand wants to sell their products what helps in branding their products or what make a difference among all other’s brand product? packaging solutions like Tuck End Auto Bottom Boxes are one of them. We can even make these boxes more innovative as you ask. They are safe and reliable for all kind of products who need safety in fact for transiting, these customized boxes are totally everything. They can be used for gifting as they can be pack and unpack very easily. And to make our customers happy we give our 100% as we know that how much our clients matter to us and their trust towards us.

Exceptional Features and Visions

There are some additional features that make these boxes more exceptional;

Cardboard Materials:

  • To make them look Beautiful and astonishing, you can add high gloss.
  • For Elegant outlook matte finish can be perfect.
  • spot UV lamination will make them look beautiful and UV radiations free.
  • With Regular cardstock finish, your boxes will look elegant.

Design Customizations

  • With Beautiful clear die cut windows, you can make them visual appealing.
  • By adding some partitions inside the box you can have more storage.
  • For making them eye-catchy, add innovative designs according to the current events.
  • And you can add other specific customization as per your desire.

Printing Finishes

  • To give a metallic finish, gold/silver foil stamping can be used.
  • To make them Unique, you can ask for printing with raised inks.
  • Embossing or debossing for accurate finish can be added.
  • You can have printed logos or quotes with the help of color schemes.

Shipment and Booking

Our policy is easy; we believe to make our customers happy with our friendly and exceptional services. We provide our customers with high quality material to make their product more outstanding as material matters a lot. With all this, we also offer our customers with no shipping and no booking service. We don’t charge for shipment and delivery. If you found any trouble while booking or placing your order, do contact our wholesale agents who are 24/7 available for your help.