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What are Rigid Boxes and their styles?

Published on: 28 Jul, 2022
What are-Rigid-Boxes-and-their-styles

There are a variety of packaging boxes available in the market, one of them are the rigid boxes or setup boxes. These boxes are manufactured from strong paperboard and have a high thickness of chipboard ranging from 2-3mm. These set-up boxes are further wrapped in decorative specialty paper. These boxes are also termed as gift boxes or first-class packaging. These boxes require no erecting or folding and consume less time in their assembly. Moreover, these setup boxes are considered luxury packaging due to their weight and expense. Setup boxes are customized with a wide range of appealing designs and colors which makes them remarkable and distinctive from the other packaging types. They offer top-notch and high-quality packaging that can attract customers effectively. Setup boxes are involved in packaging gifts, board games, and presents as they enhance the overall appearance of the items stored in them.

7 Different Styles of Rigid Boxes

These boxes offer great versatility to their users and come in numerous styles and designs that the sellers opt for according to their requirements and preferences.

Know: How Rigid Boxes are manufactured?

Magnetic Closures boxes

 In magnetic closure packaging, the boxes contain two magnets that are interlocked together on closing. These boxes provide a very firm and sturdy protection to the items placed inside. Because of the top-grade quality of these boxes they can be reused again and again. Customers are resistant to throw these boxes away and mostly use them to store items like jewelry, makeup, or other products depending upon the size of these magnetic boxes

Drawer Boxes

Drawer boxes are very unique and gratifying. These boxes consist of a small drawer which makes them distinctive from other packaging forms. They are generally small-sized boxes and are used to store items that are smaller in size. These boxes are also called slide, slipcase, or match boxes. These boxes are quite similar to telescopic boxes but they open horizontally. This makes them more reliable and safer for storing luxury and expensive items like jewelry or smartphones and protects these items from accidents or disasters.

Tube Packaging boxes

Tube packaging boxes have a cylindrical shape with no corners or edges. These are also called rolled-edged boxes. These boxes are unique and eco-friendly and can be an ideal choice for retailers who want to make their products distinguishable and notable in the market. These boxes are used to package smaller items like cosmetics, stationery, or edible items. The most common example of tube packaging is a Pringles container. These boxes have a lid and offer a very convenient opening method.

Shoulder or neck rigid boxes

In shoulder or neck rigid boxes the inner tray is basically attached or glued to the base box. This inner tray is made in such a way that this remains higher than the base which creates a neck or shoulder end. When the lid is closed or is placed to cover the box, it sits at the top of this inner tray. This can add an extra character to your packaging style. Mostly luxurious and renowned brands opt for these types of boxes.

Telescopic Rigid Boxes

Telescopic boxes are also called top load packaging boxes. These boxes come in two pieces that are a tray and a lid. These boxes are commonly used in the packaging of smartphones and games like monopoly. These boxes are manufactured with precise measurements which allows convenience while opening them. These boxes have high-end quality and can be used multiple times.

Hinged Flip Top Boxes

Hinged top boxes are also termed as cigar boxes. These boxes are a very classical form of packaging. These boxes are commonly used for the packaging of high-quality cigars. A magnet is generally installed at the opening of these boxes to enhance the customer’s experience.

Book Style Rigid Boxes

Book style boxes are a very innovative and creative form of packaging. These boxes open just like a hardcover book. In this form of packaging, magnets are attached on the side ends to provide protection to the products packaged in them. These book-style boxes commonly contain a rounded spine to accomplish a proper look of a book. This is a very unique and distinctive form of packaging and can aid a specific brand to achieve a remarkable identity in the market depending upon its niche.

Material involved in the manufacturing of rigid boxes

  • Paperboard
  • Corrugated
  • Molded pulp
  • Foam
  • Plastic

Types of Rigid Boxes Finishes

Generally, these rigid boxes come in a variety of finish types.

Partial Finish

Partial finish boxes are manufactured from a single piece of chipboard. This piece of chipboard has perforated crease lines for folding and is mostly wrapped without any additional exterior layer. This makes the cardboard exposed from the outside. These boxes are manufactured very conveniently and need much less time in their assembly processes as less material is required for their construction. As these boxes are only wrapped to cover the inner edge, the rigid chipboard inside is visible and unfinished. This gives these boxes a very stylish and elegant look. These boxes are generally used for the packaging of presents and provide the items with an enhanced and enticing look.

Full Finish

In this type, the chipboard is fully covered and is not visible from the outside. Generally in the manufacturing of full finish boxes, slightly thicker chipboard is used having a thickness ranging from 2-3 mm. The inner chipboard has separate pieces and no tape is required in the assembly processes of these types of setup boxes. These boxes are further laminated with a variety of add-ons that complement their overall look. Full finished boxes also have an extra layer of wrapping which can be either plain white or is printed in numerous colors. These boxes are used to store and package luxury items like jewelry and watches.

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