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What is the Display Packaging of an Item?

Published on: 13 Sep, 2022
display packaging

Display packaging means providing your product with an exterior material. This material can be of numerous forms, sizes, shapes, designs, and colors depending upon the requirements and preferences of both buyers and sellers.

The display packaging boxes are a practical tool that secures and presents our products in a notable and well-sorted manner. The display packaging keeps things organized by minimizing any form of disarrangement. This helps the customers to select the products with convenience and eliminates the room for confusion for them.

If the products are displayed in a very well-organized and orderly manner, they will capture the attention of people. These display boxes are also involved in highlighting the important features of the items presented in them.

8 Types of Display Packaging That Can Uplift Your Items

There are numerous types of products present in the market that are displayed in these boxes. These display boxes also come in a variety of shapes and sizes and retailers opt for different types of these boxes according to their requirements and preferences.

Counter-top Displays

As the name represents, counter-top display boxes are generally placed on the counters or shelves of the market next to the cashiers. These boxes are generally considered best for the presentation of items. These boxes can efficiently grab the attention of customers to a great level.

The items placed in these boxes will attract the consciousness of ready-to-purchase customers and they will most likely end up buying one of these products. Mostly small items such as chocolates, candies, or magazines are displayed in these boxes.

Peg Hook Cardboard Display

Peg hook cardboard display boxes are similar to the countertop displays but they are more durable and sturdier than the counter boxes. These boxes are generally used to showcase jewelry items, keychains, or stationery, as these boxes have hooks and allow the sellers to hang their items on them.

These boxes are also placed on the counters next to the cashier so they can grab the attention of consumers immediately and influence their purchasing behaviors.

Floor Displays

Floor boxes are one of the most common types of display packaging. These boxes are placed on the floors of supermarkets and grocery stores. They are much larger than the countertop displays. These boxes are more strong and sturdier than any other type of display box because of are prepared from layers of corrugated cardboard which can sustain the mass of slightly heavier items.

Power Wings

Power-wing boxes are generally attached to any other fixed structure or main shelves. Power wings are also termed sidekicks because they are connected to other structures. These boxes should be kept at eye level so that they can impact impulsive purchases among consumers.


As the name indicates, endcaps display boxes are placed at the end of the aisles in supermarkets and grocery stores. These boxes can hold a lot of products, which is why they are generally sturdier than the other display packaging types. These boxes should also have a touch-and-feel component for an improved experience.

Acrylic Display Boxes

Many retailers choose acrylic display boxes for the presentation of their items as acrylic boxes are the most alluring and attractive means of display. They also provide stability to the items in addition to complementing their looks. These acrylic boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Quarter Pallet display

Quarter pallet display boxes are generally corrugated boxes that are placed on the floors of grocery stores and supermarkets. They are durable and can bear the weight of several items. These boxes provide one-sided access to shopping to the consumers.

Half Pallet Display Boxes

These boxes are a much more optimized form of one-side shopping access. Half-pallet display boxes are customizable boxes and can be customized in a variety of designs and patterns according to the preferences and requirements of retailers and consumers.

Why display boxes are chosen?

  • To uplift the Company’s growth
  • They have the potential to take the attention of the customer.
  • Can readily attract customers within seconds
  • This results in automatic sales, which increases revenue.
  • Show the customers about the upcoming product.

Value of Display Boxes in Stabilizing Brands

These display boxes are generally empty boxes that are placed mostly on the shelves of stores and help the brands in merchandising their products. Because of being attractive, they can effectively draw attention to the products and can influence the purchasing behaviors of consumers.

Every company should consider the presentation of their items in customized boxes which can act as a marketing tool and can help in generating larger revenues by making the products appealing and notable in the eyes of customers.

An enticing packaging can make your product the center of attraction and can result in taking your business to the next level. The details mentioned on the display boxes can also allow people. To get to know about your brand’s origin. Allow them to understand how your product is better and different from the other existing products in the market.

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