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Why Consumption of Chocolates Proves to be Healthier for Body

Published on: 23 Jun, 2022
Consumption of Chocolates Proves to be Healthier

Chocolate is one of the most popular confectionary item. It is the predilection of every generation. It is that kind of sweet which has made people keenly fond of it from every age group, though younger generations are more attracted towards them. Chocolates are the type of snacks usually consumed on daily basis. They are also a form of love which people shower on their loved ones by gifting them these scrumptious sweets. There is a huge number of brands manufacturing chocolates of every kind in the market according to the preferences and desires of their customers. Every person goes for a specific chocolate brand according to their taste.

There is a significant competition between the chocolate manufacturing companies, which is increasing every single day because of the formation of new brands in the market. If a seller wants to boost the sales of his brand, if someone is dedicated towards the consolidation of their company, one should must keep this in mind that with the top class quality of their product, the presentation of their items could also prove to be a deciding factor that whether their product is going to be impactful to the customers or not. To make our product note-worthy in the eyes of customers, we should opt for custom chocolate display boxes that will prove to be a turning point in the sales of our items. As first impression of a specific product should be very impactful in the market, these chocolate boxes are the perfect choice to make our products impressive and remarkable.

7 Advantageous Effects of Chocolates on our Physical and Mental Health:

Apart from being extremely cherished and delightful sweets, chocolates have abundant scientifically proven benefits on our body. The intake of chocolates on daily basis can actually bring happiness in our lives.

Being Extremely Nutritious:

Chocolates prove to be very nutritious for our body as they can provide an instant form of energy. Chocolates contain 546 calories per 100 grams. They are rich in dietary fiber, proteins, iron, vitamin C and D, these constituents prove to be very healthy for our body when taken in considerably specific amounts.

Can Uplift your Mood:

Chocolates are a source of pleasure and happiness. They can play a key factor in relaxing and improving our mood. These are scientifically proven facts. Chocolates have chemicals like tryptophan, theobromine and anandamide which can stimulate the production of serotonin hormone in our body. Serotonin is the hormone mainly associated with our emotions, feelings, well- being and happiness. So by the stimulation of this hormone, our mood can apparently be uplifted. There is saying which states that “as long as the world has chocolate, it has happiness”.

Can Protect your Skin from Sunlight:

The main components of chocolates include anti-oxidants, cocoa powder, catechins, flavanols and phenols. All of these constituents can act as a definite barrier between our skin and harmful rays of sun, resulting in minimizing sun burns and skin related diseases such as skin cancer.

Chocolates can Improve Brain Function:

Chocolates are considered to be very beneficial for our brain health. They contain stimulants like caffeine and theobromine. By the intake of chocolates, the blood flow can be increased resulting in better brain function.

Can Promptly Reduce the Odds of Heart Related Diseases:

Chocolates mostly contain high rates of flavanols especially dark chocolates have higher rate of this constituent in their composition that acts as a minimizing factor in heart related diseases in our body. Studies have shown that by the daily intake of chocolates, the risk of heart related diseases can be reduced by 8 percent.

A Wonderful Source of Anti-Oxidants:

Anti-oxidants are very necessary for our body as they remove the harmful radicals that can cause diabetes and heart related diseases, maintaining the natural health and well-being of our body. Chocolates have higher rates of flavanols and polyphenols in their composition than any other natural fruit, resulting in the production of anti-oxidants.

A Great Choice in Ameliorating Mental Health:

Chocolates are a source of happiness and contentment. They bring joy in our daily lives resulting in improving our mental health and releasing stress. Chocolates induce the production of hormones like serotonin and dopamine in our body that are both responsible for joy and happiness. These pleasure hormones can be released by the intake of chocolates after a long and stressful day. Moreover, caffeine is also present in the composition of chocolates that can help us to feel more active and productive throughout our day.

Nutritional Value:

Chocolates prove to be much more beneficial for our body than the other sweet confectionary items.

They generally contain:

Total Fat 31 g47%
Saturated fat 19 g95%
Cholesterol 8 mg2%
Sodium 24 mg1%
Potassium 559 mg15%
Total Carbohydrate 61 g20%
Dietary fiber 7 g28%
Protein 4.9 g9%

Types of Chocolates:

Chocolates are generally made from the fermentation of cocoa beans. Sugar, kernel seeds and cocoa butter are also some of the main ingredients required in the making processes. The range of these constituents varies with different types and flavors of chocolates. Chocolates are normally accessible to people in 3 different forms including solid, liquid and powdered appearances.

There are so many different flavors and types of chocolates each having distinctive characteristics and effects on our body. Over the passage of time wide range of adaptations and modifications were introduced to the actual product, giving rise to variety choices.

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolates are generally richer in chocolate liquor and tend to have a strong flavor than the other regular chocolates. These chocolates contain almost 35 percent of chocolate liquor giving them a pleasantly bitter taste. People who want to have chocolates in their authentic and refined form without much alterations can stick to dark chocolates.

Dark Chocolate

They are also called as bittersweet or semisweet chocolates. Dark chocolates are perfect for independent consumption and can also be added in baking products like cakes and cookies.

Milk Chocolate:

Milk chocolates relatively contain high levels of milk than chocolate liquor. The quotient ratio is around 12 percent milk to 10 percent of chocolate liquor. Milk chocolates are much sweeter, less bitter and softer than the regular chocolates because of constituting high amounts sugar and milk in them. Because of their sugary and delightful taste, these chocolates don’t need to be mixed with other items like ice-cream or brownies and can be eaten independently.

White Chocolates:

Some people don’t consider white chocolates as actual chocolates because they don’t contain in cocoa powder in their main constituents but they comprise of high quantities of cocoa butter and milk. They almost contain 20 percent of cocoa butter with 14 percent of milk. Although they lack the strong flavor like dark chocolates still they have a very high demand among people because of being extra creamy, sweet and soft. In some high quality white chocolates, vanilla is also included in ingredients but it is not a compulsory add-on.

Raw Chocolates:

These are the type of chocolates mostly available in their crude and authentic forms without any modifications. These chocolates are generally added in the preparation of other chocolate filled recipes. Studies show that the antioxidants and nutrients remain intact and in their original forms in these chocolates because zero alterations.

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