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Why we Love Donuts: Trends, Traditions, and Pink Boxes

Published on: 03 Jul, 2024
Why we love donuts trends traditions and pink boxes


The great thing about donuts is we know everyone loves donuts. It’s a really popular consumer treat, and we’re seeing a lot of great trends in donuts, specifically around the time of day that donuts are eaten. I think a lot of people think of donuts as just breakfast food, but we’re really seeing a lot of growth in the afternoon and snacking occasions. That is to say, almost a third of donuts are now eaten in the afternoon. Indeed, that’s a really exciting opportunity for operators to continue to grow their business and drive traffic in the afternoon occasions.

Moreover, we continuously see more indulgent donuts as we see that shift to more afternoon occasions and snacking. The more decadent donuts, the better, so we continue to see fun toppings and fun sweets, and it’s all about that decadence and that afternoon snacking occasion.

Where did the tradition of pink donut boxes come from?

If you know donuts, you’ve probably seen the pink donut box. Especially if you live in Southern California, where there are hundreds of donut shops. The majority of them have pink boxes.

The real question is, why is the box pink?

The donut box is the universal sign that something of greatness is in this holy nine-by-four-inch pink box. This pastry holder has been brought into the homes of hungry people for years, whether it’s for breakfast, office meetings, parties, or anything that involves a place for delicious food. 

The symbolism of the pink color 

The delicate color pink symbolizes sweet, nice, playful, cute babies and all things that a doughnut should be. 

In the Bible, pink represents the relationship with God and a mixture of red and white, the heart of flesh (Ezekiel 11:19), joy (Psalm 32:11), and passion for Jesus (Song of Songs 1:2). We can see similarities with this color and doughnuts.

How did this revolution start?

Most importantly, what really started the Rosado revolution was young Cambodians in the late 1970s, arriving in large numbers in Southern California. At the time, the covered greaseproof boxes containing the pastries were expensive and came in white. The white was Cambodia’s mourning color. So the immigrants discovered Evergreen in Cerritos. They were manufacturing the boxes less costly and coated in pink. This is where the pink boxes started to rule over the bakeries.

What do you see as key merchandising strategies to highlight donuts to increase demand?

That’s the great thing about donuts, — everyone loves donuts. One trend is donuts are commonly bought to share with others. Over 50% of people who buy donuts take them home to share with others.

When thinking about merchandising strategy, it’s important to have a great assortment of donuts in the donut case. As a donut baker, you already know that people are likely to select multiple donuts to take home to share with either co-workers or family members. Likewise, having that great selection and great packaging is crucial. So, when people take the donuts to the office or home, everyone knows where those donuts came from. However, It’s important to think about the versatility of your donut case and great packaging. In this way, customers can show consumers where the donuts came from.

Avoid overly use of techniques to make donut boxes more appealing and charming

You must stay away from making a mess by using many elements to make the box overly customized. A professional in marketing would tell you that we have spent our entire lives associating a basic, white bakery box with something lovely and tasty stored within. It may or may not have a transparent window at the top but this is what customers desire and expect. To clarify, all you need to do is create a rubber stamp with your bakery logo to stamp the top of the box. That’s enough.

Use high-quality materials so that customers won’t throw the box after eat

For the consumer, they need to be creative. These personalized boxes may be simply recycled and reused. Firstly, you need a sheet of stickers. Secondly, start covering the whole box inside and out. Furthermore, you can use wallpaper or anything you like. Similarly, you can decorate them for birthday parties or for giving a gift to your loved one.

Order trendy custom donut boxes now

Certainly, If you’re looking for trendy custom donut boxes, I’d recommend checking out Gator packaging. Gator packaging is an expert in the USA packaging manufacturers. Undoubtedly, we can create unique and attractive boxes. Your donuts will look great and taste even better. Choose simple or bright designs. We use high-quality materials. This will help your brand stand out. Visit our website now. Order your custom donut boxes today. Boost your business with great packaging!


Donuts are loved by everyone, anytime. The tradition of pink boxes started in Southern California. High-quality packaging boosts donut sales. Use simple, effective designs for your boxes and avoid over-customization. Make sure your donuts look as nice as they taste.

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