4 Corner Tray Tuck Top

4 Corner Tray boxes by Gator Packaging are used for many things because of their fold in design that makes then very secure and protective, they are ideal for online stores because they can live through the delivery handling if the material they are made from are good. These Boxes depend on the quality you choose, you can get the weak thin papery cardboard or a corrugated cardboard that will be secure and help you keep any product safe. We at Gator Packaging provide you with materials of all quality and the pick is yours.



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4 Corner Tray Boxes are very easily handled because of their design, the boxes are also very elegant due to the fact that the incisions needed for the assembly of the box are not visible from the outside, these boxes look elegant and they can be put together in a mere minute. There are ideal boxes for Bakery products, Apparel, Décor, etc. They make the best impression on your clients as they can keep the product quite well-handled and help decrease the risk of damage.


            Some of the services that makes Gator packaging stand out in the packaging industry.

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We at Gator Packaging provide you with a quick quote, providing you with the estimate of near what you would need to pay if you wish to order from us. The boxes price depends on the factors of the quality, type, style and design that you want and you will need to fill in the quote form with as many details as you can. This will be helpful for us in providing you with the most accurate estimate.


We allow you to make your dreams come true where the style is concerned, there is nothing better than the verity of styles we provide, we provide you with almost all styles of boxes, giving you long list to choose from. On top of that we can also provide you with the cleanest designs, high quality and precision molds that will make it look not only beautiful but also elegant.

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Gator packaging not only provides you with quality services, we also give you design support, out team of designers make sure to create the design you want. There are many aspects of a box’s designs that make it stand out and bringing out the potential in the requested design to the highest quality is what our designers try their best to do.