Six panel CDs Jackets

CDs/DVDs are important and close to people as they have attachments with them. Maybe because they have stored some memories or have a collection of soulful songs that give you mental peace or you have stored some official ones as well. This all because people like to keep a record. So, the main concern is to keep them protective and safe from any other harm for this regard, Six Panel CD jackets with soft interior layers are the perfect way.



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These Six Panel CD Jackets have a shape of book and they can easily be handled or assembled. They offer exceptional printing designs for the different functional data like; movies, games, software or educational. These Six panel CDs Jackets have six sides as it is clear from the name and one double panel is utilized to keep the CDs inside for store and others are used to be folded in a way that they look like a copy or a file. And with six panel features you can store various CDs in one pack maybe you can make that package used for one particular variety of data. And as CDs buyers are conscious to know about what kind of CD they are going to buy what additional factors this CD has then with the help of our printed information your query will be solved. By adding content related to CDs and by putting printed pictures on the covers, your CDs holders will look more attractive and unique amongst all the competitors. We; Gator Packaging can provide you with various options for customization in terms of shapes, styles, designs as per your demands.

Features and Add-ons

There are so many profound features that are exceptional and that will help you in upgrading your product’s value in the market and will take your company business to next level. Such are;

Printing Quality: We do best of best printing with high quality technical printing equipment. We use chemical-free raised inks that give exceptional results with beautiful colors. we do off-set, 3D and digital printing as per your requirements that will add more spark. We use one of the two main profound printing techniques; CMYK/PMS printing techniques that will never let your expectations down.

Paper Stock choices: Cardboards or paper stock is used to give a proper base or bottom structure to your CDs jackets and used to protect your product and items from adverse effects and unwanted environmental effects. Like; Corrugated cardboards, Kraft, cardstocks and paperboards are utilized for this regard and to maintain the quality of the packaging and the product as well.

Finishes Options: For surface finishes there are some options like; lamination, raised inks, foil stamping of gold/silver, embossing, perforation, debossing, spot-UV, matte/gloss etc. all can be provided for the finishes if you asked.

Free Shipment

We don’t provide our customers with free of cost shipping and booking services. And despite this, we also offer free dying and plating and some additional discounts if you order more than 100 boxes at once. Our main goal is to make our customers happy with our services and if you have any query related to anything then you can ask help from our wholesale agents.