Auto Lock Bottom Tray

An Auto Lock Bottom Tray by Gator Packaging is made with high quality materials. We make these trays with their use of display in mind and the quality of the product is made according to the client’s demands. Our company uses high quality Corrugated cardboard as a base for all these higher quality boxes. Gator packaging gives you the most colorful and exciting Auto Bottom Tray Boxes in the business.



Free graphic support

Free shipping




These boxes come with adhesive that can be used when assembling the trays into shape for the use. They have Auto bottom locks which means the design is made to be secure and lock in place. This is done by the cut of cardboard that fits in like puzzle pieces together to form a strong base for the box. These corrugated boxes are known to bring out the best quality in any product and keep them well protected on Display of the stores.

Free Graphic Support

 Gator Packaging provides all of its clients with amazing graphic design support and ideas for their packaging design. Out Design team and capable and professional. They make sure to bring your vision to life and make your creative thoughts shine through their Graphic Design Talents. They make your display trays stand out amongst the rest.

No Die and Plate Charges

Die cutting usually costs nearly 400$-600$ depending on the quality and the vendor. Die cutting is the process of cutting the boxes that nearly is a huge dent in the cost of making boxes, however at gator packaging we provide you with this process completely free. On the other hand, Plate is costly on its own, costing around 400$ by itself. However, at Gator packaging we do not charge you for this service either!

Free Delivery

Our Company is proud of its Customer service and the ability to work with the client in mind, hence we provide our customers with free shipping all around the United States, there is no hidden shipping charge, we provide you with complementary and fast shipping without any hassles.