4 Pack Bottle Carrier

If you are in the liquor business, you would know that the use of a bottle carried is extremely important in the show of quality for a liquor. Most companies with smaller bottles use Packs and those are sold more often than the singular bottles. People like the ease 4 Pack bottle carrier brings into the shopping experience, they have the ease to carry 4 bottles all at once without much exertion and same can be said for the 6-pack. Our company, Gator Packaging makes the highest quality 4 pack bottle carriers from strong corrugated cardboard that can withstand not only travel but the heavy weight of the bottles.



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It is important for companies that distribute liquor to find a convenient way for people to buy more without inconvenience. If you have single bottles being sold, people are unlikely to carry more than two or three at a time when buying it. If there are 4-6 pack bottle carriers by Gator packaging that can support more bottles, people are likely to get that instead of just getting the individual bottles that are hard to carry.

Custom Size and style

Gator packaging gives you the choice of picking the size and the style of your box according to your company desires. The size can be according to the bottles that are being distributed by your company. The holder of the 4 PK bottle carries can be sized according to the size of the botte that is being provided by you.

Digital and Graphic Design

We, at Gator Packaging provide you with one of the best designing team for graphic support, they will make your imagination come to life in the best way possible and in high definition. The quality is sure to be good, just as good as the quality of the 4 Pack carrier boxes. That’s not all, if your design seems like it may get effected by the boxes cut, they will make sure to inform you and make amendments.