Bookend CD Case

If you are looking for an Environmental friendly way to get your CDs into the market and keep them well-protected as well. There are many different ways to do this but the best one is Bookend CD Cases made from corrugated cardboard. This material is known for their strength and the ability to protect the products inside, on the other hand the boxes and this style is so that you can display the CD and additional information through the opening panel on the side. Gator packaging provides you with some of the best ideas for your Bookend CD Cases with the highest quality craftsmanship.



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Bookend CD Cases are known for their unique style and extravagant detail with the opening flap. The box folds in from both sides and is glued with a strong adhesive to hold its walls in place. There are many different products these types of boxes can hold; however, they are mainly marketed as CD cases because that is where the charm lies. We are used to Plastic cases for CD’s but these hold a better impact and they are recyclable.

 High Quality Printing

You may have seen packaging in some of the aisles of the shops that you have visited that may look a little out of sorts due to blurriness of the design or double printing of the text, these issues can cause many clients to turn away from your product. To avoid such issues, it is best to use high quality printing provided by Gator Packaging. We bring you the highest quality of printing and High definition results for your Bookend CD boxes.

Quality Digital Art

The Graphic design is what makes a box stand out, if you have a dull box it will be overlooked. People prefer the products that show effort in every step of the way, that is why we provide you with a Graphic Team for your Bookend CD packaging, our team is prepared to not only bring your designs to live but also give you a design that will make the right impact in case you are stumped on your own choice.