Gable Box Auto Bottom

For transportation and to transit the products from one place to another there are other packaging solution as well but these Gable Box Auto Bottom are mostly used by popular companies all the globe, for the security and to store their products. With the help of handy top handle, they are quite assist able to carry them along. And this additional feature Auto Bottom makes them more convenient and durable to keep the products in them for storage. They are foldable so can be folded back into a plain or flat shape and by stretching them back they can be turned into their original shape.



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For bundling and packaging, Gable Box Auto bottom is used that help in transportation and the security of the products like; chocolates, candies, cupcakes, candles and other food items. In fact, these custom-made boxes are utilized for gifting the loveable things to your beloveds. And if you’re in need to have an elegant and sophisticated packaging to make your products look unique or more attractive other than ordinary ones, then these Gable boxes with a feature of Auto Bottom are perfect as they will help you to make your product look different. And with Auto Bottom these boxes are so in these days, as nourishments and foody items, tiny items, cosmetic products, all are recommended to be packed in these beneficial containers. For a retailer, things that give him benefits and help in making money are his actual needs; so to provide them with pure and quality based packaging we; Gator packaging have introduced our innovative Gable Box Auto Bottom to meet the requirements of the customers and with these packaging they will gain so much benefits that will come as a store of watermelons. Many restaurants use these boxes for their ready-to-take foody items even McDonald’s use these gable boxes for their “Happy Meal” to entertain their customers. Corrugated cardboards, Paperboards, cardstock, eco-Friendly-Kraft can be used to protect the products from unwanted environment or adverse effects and to enhance the outlook of the boxes elegantly.

Additional Features

With some beneficial features that will help in branding your products these boxes are just rare and accountable. We provide our customers with some options that they can be asked to add for better look. For printing, we use chemical-free inks that will help to upgrade the colors of the packaging and will not show faded colors. We offer off-set, 3d and digital printing with the help of CMYK/PMS printing techniques that will not let you down with blurry, double printing lines, faded colors. there are some choices as well for finishes like; finishing of rough matte or glossy, lamination of the outer layers, spot-UV for Ultra-violent radiations, ink raising, foiling of gold/silver, perforation, embossing, debossing, die-cutting etc. all these factors can add the smoothness to the boxes to make them look attractive and can tempt the customers to buy them.

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We will satisfy you by providing our customers with pure and eye-catchy material, as our team always gives their 100% to meet your expectations. We don’t charge extra from our clients and our shipping and booking service is also free of cost. If you have any query related to your order our wholesale agents are 24/7 available to assist you if you got trapped in some trouble.