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Cardboard Vs Corrugated Packaging: Advantages and Disadvantages

Published on: 26 Dec, 2023
Cardboard Vs Corrugated

Product protection and presentation depend on the type of packaging. For every kind of product, there a specific packaging requirements and specifications. Not every material is for every product.

Fulfilling the requirement, manufacturers design the boxes from different materials. Cardboard and corrugated are two famous materials that have multiple benefits with their pros and cons.

Somehow, they have similarities, but they are different. Cardboard boxes have a single layer of paperboard while corrugated has three layers. Both are equally popular in the market.

If you are doing business, then it is crucial that you have the best product packaging. Both are important materials as they have wide use in e-commerce and retail businesses.

Everything has been used with pros and cons. Similarly, it is true for packaging of all kinds of material. Read this blog to get a complete insight into cardboard and corrugated packaging.


The paperboard packaging that has one layer is called cardboard. It is a lightweight, sturdy, and quality material that makes it the best solution for packaging.

For smaller brands, who have a limited budget, it is the best investment. They provide safety for the products. Custom cardboard packaging’s attractive designs easily grab the attention of potential buyers.

In the United States, cardboard made a hit record in 2020 when 80 percent of products were sold in cardboard packaging.

Interesting Fact:

Cardboard was first invented in China. Its era is unknown. However, the approximation is that it was the 15th century.


Corrugated is a material that has three layers; two outer layers of linerboard and one inner layer of fluted medium. Corrugated fiberboard is another famous name for it.

In the era of 1950s, they were popular for packing fruits as they shipped the products to the retail stores without damage.

Interesting Fact:

One of the interesting facts about Corrugated boxes was first used for the packaging of pottery containers and glass.

Always get a complete Knowledge about the type of packaging before making a purchase. Clearly Understand their Uses, Properties, Pros and Cons. Remember That One Right Decision about Packaging Will Bring Your Business to The Height of Success.


Having the knowledge of the pros of anything helps in the better use of them. Below are the advantages of this type of packaging.



They are durable as they have a good weight-to-strength ratio. During shipping, they protect the products up to the maximum level. That’s why e-commerce brands use cardboard boxes to create a positive brand impression.

Strong and Secure Seal

For eCommerce businesses, they are the best packaging solution as the water-activated tape dispenser makes a very secure and strong seal.

Eco-Friendly Resource

Cardboard is a sustainable material that is good for the environment. They are easy to recycle and reuse. They decompose on the earth easily without emitting hazardous gases and do not produce waste.

Excellent Strength

They provide excellent strength to protect and ship fragile products. In this way, products remain safe from damage, dents, and contamination.

Easy Storage

They reduce the delivery cost as they are easy to store and built according to the need. Most of the time, retailers store the products in the warehouses till the shipment.


Perfect for Branding

They are an excellent option for branding as there is no need to spend any additional amount for product marketing. For sales, good branding with personalized corrugated packaging is an important aspect.


Easy to manufacture in any size and shape make them the flexible packaging option. This property of flexibility benefits the brands as they can design them according to their need and customer demand.


The property of lightweight makes it easy for retailers and customers to handle, load, and unload them.


Corrugated are easy to customize in any shape, size, and form according to the customer’s demand. Custom Corrugated Boxes create memorable unboxing moments for people that give the brand a positive image.

Easy to Recycle

Being an eco-friendly material, they are recyclable. That’s why they provide green solutions and companies opted for it to save manufacturing costs and boost sales.

Where are corrugated cardboard boxes mostly used?

People use them extensively due to their top qualities. Here are the best uses of corrugated cardboard packaging:

  • During moving house
  • Packing food products
  • Posting electrical gadgets like laptops


You can make rational decisions when you are aware of the disadvantages of the thing. Here are the cons that will help you in deciding the right packaging for your product.



The main disadvantage is that they are not water resistant. During weather, they easily get wet and damage the product.

Upfront Investment

You need to make more upfront investments to get the longer-term benefits. That’s why it becomes hard for the businesses to manage the repeated costs.

Inability to Handle Pressure

For heavy objects, they cannot handle the pressure well. They easily get damaged whenever pressure becomes high.

Need of Device

Ultimately, you need the water-activated tape dispenser or a tape gun to seal the cartons of cardboard. It means that there is a requirement for the sealing device every time.

Is Solid Cardboard Packaging Worth it?

Owing to its extensive production with maximum consumption of raw material, it has become expensive packaging. It is a costly solution and is not suitable for bookbinding, especially if it is for kids.


Less Durable

Compared to plastic, corrugated is less durable. They are susceptible to fire, Mould, and water damage.

Difficult to Stack

Without breakage, they are difficult to stack. As they do not hold the maximum weight as much as the plastic.

Unfavorable for Heavy Items

Corrugated is not suitable for packing heavy objects as they easily deform under pressure. Do not choose corrugated packaging boxes for heavy items.


As they are manufactured from paperboard, they are not waterproof. It becomes hard to protect the product during rain and snow. Because water can easily get inside the packaging and destroy the quality of the product.

Final Remarks

Gator Packaging provides the best quality corrugated and cardboard packaging boxes according to their worthy customer’s demand. Choose the box according to your product demand and brand perspective that suits the best. Make it attractive with unique innovative designs, aesthetic colors, quality printing, and legible typography. Elevate your brand by creating a lasting impact with the best packaging.

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