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Custom Packaging vs. Stock Packaging: What’s the Difference and Which is Right for You?

Published on: 01 Jun, 2023
custom packaging vs stock packaging

The current and most mainstream debacle standing high and mighty in front of businesses is the issue of packaging. The question haunts the dreams of young business owners. Which way to go and whether they are making the right call or not? It is not easy creating a business and certainly, it is not a meager task to manage one. When it comes to making important calls such as this one, it is imperative that the choice you make must be an informed one. Here we have a comprehensive analysis of stock packaging vs custom packaging. After reading the information, we certainly guarantee you will be able to make an informed decision.

What is Custom Packaging?

Before you jump to the big decision of investing you need to have a clear idea of what custom packaging entails. Nowadays, custom packaging is not restricted to just a sticker of your company logo on a big brown box. It encompasses every possible idea of personalization in regard to your brand and the product. The choices are innumerable, from choosing material and size, external and internal additions, and color schematics to the information on the package. When provided with so many options, and tailoring the package outlook to your own whim, it is definite that the end product will be unique and exclusive. 


There are numerous reasons custom packaging is good for your brand. Its benefits are evident from the way it has taken over the industry as a storm. One of the main ways custom packaging helps businesses is by marketing the brand throughout the process of delivery. From producer to consumer, if the package entails information about the brand and product it provides a platform for passersby to be attracted to it. Furthermore, a customized package enhances the perceived quality of the product in the consumer’s mind. 


Just like every other thing in the world, custom packaging has its cons as well. The fact that it is tailored to your specific needs comes at a cost. The higher cost of production of the package itself might rack up your budget. Secondly,  not readily available and the production process takes a long time. Furthermore, it may require a team of talented and imaginative employees to create a worthwhile design that can be used for your products alone.

What is Stock Packaging?

Stock packaging is the standardized package available in the market. The common brown boxes that you often see being moved around or the plain plastic covers those package products. Everything pertaining to stock packaging is generic and fits on the basis of a standard size. 


There are a few benefits of adopting stock packaging for your business. It is a significantly cheaper option given that stock packaging is mass-produced. The capitalist world has created a model where it can be produced in vast amounts and still mound up costing very less. It is readily available, rarely do we see any shortage of stock packaging. If you run out of your stock you can have a new one instantly given your position. In this fast world, where the time of delivery is crucial to the expansion of business, stock packaging really pays off by being readily available.


There are a few downsides to this stock packaging as well. The entire purpose of stock packaging is to create cheap and standard packages. The one size fits all resolution does not work for most brands. If the product does not fit right in the package the chances of breakage and loss are considerably increased. And the harshest con is that stock packaging is often perceived as boring old ways of the past that the packaging industry has long discarded. 

The Right Packaging for Your Small Business

The decision of whether to go for a custom package or stock packaging all boils down to weighing out the pros and cons of the two. They are vastly different from one another. The personalization of custom packaging offers an advantage over customer relations. At the same time, one can argue only the quality of the product retains a customer. While stock packaging is a cheaper alternative the custom packaging also advertises your product to a large consumer base substituting it as a marketing campaign. Furthermore, stock packaging offers the benefit of fast and easy procurement, and in this capitalistic fast-paced world that is a huge advantage. Meanwhile, custom packaging allows you to stand out amidst competition and make your mark in the consumer market.


At the end of the day, the decision is entirely your own, it is your business after all. We have provided you with a fair and square comparison. You are informed enough to make the right call for your business. Trust your gut instinct and make an informed decision that works well and fits your precise needs. Always remember, you can revisit your decision anytime, and there are no wrong choices. You have brought your business this far, only your decisions will make it reach soaring high success as well.

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