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How Pomade Can Give You the Hairstyle of Your Choice?

Published on: 07 Jul, 2022

Pomade is a natural hair care product involved in styling your hair. It’s a type of product that aids in keeping your hair in one place and intact for a longer period. Pomade is one of the most ancient hair styling product and is around since the 18th century. The word “Pomade” belongs to the Latin language, which means ointment. In today’s era, pomades are most popular among millennials. They use this natural hair product for styling their hair in a variety of ways. Mostly people who have curly, stiff, or out-of-control hair choose this product daily to make their hair look leveled and presentable. Pomades have excellent strength to hold short hair especially, that’s why it is mainly considered a men’s product.

However, nowadays, there are so many brands in the market producing these products for females as well. Women use this product to add texture to their hair. These products are also capable of smoothening the edges of hair by giving a maximum uphold strength. That’s why pomades prove to be useful for females also. They prove to be far better than other hair styling products like hair sprays and gels which can make your hair crunchy and can exert harmful effects on the natural health of your hair. One of the top qualities of this product is that it can be proven beneficial for every kind of hair. For example, it can add volume to thin hair, it can make dry hair look shiny, healthy, and radiant. Moreover, it is considered to be the best hair styling tool for people having curly hair.

Ways to maximize the results of Pomade

  • Before using this hair styling product, you have to make sure that your hair is slightly damp. The hair should not be so wet that it does not mix with the pomade’s oil.
  • After that, the amount of pomade to be used, should be decided. It is considered to be one of the top concern when this product is applied to your hair. If we take a very less amount, it will not be able to hold your hair and keep them intact. On the other hand, if we apply this product in a large amount, it can make your hair look oily and greasy which can spoil your overall look and you cannot achieve your desired hairstyle. So the quantity of product applied to your hair should be decided carefully.
  • When the right amount of pomade is taken, you should rub it on your hands firstly, the warmth of your hands will make it much more pliable, and then it can be easily applied. We should apply this product in the same way, we apply shampoo but we have to make sure that pomade is evenly distributed on your scalp. After massaging it deep into your roots, it will be easier to style your hair in any style of your choice and pomade will prove to be very effective and useful in giving your hair a perfect look.

Selecting the right kind of Pomade according to your hair type

There is an abundant variety of these products available in the market. Each product has distinctive quality so we have to make sure that we choose the product having the right and desirable ingredients so that it can prove to be most effective and useful for styling our hair.

Water-based or oil-based

The most important component of this particular hair product is its texture. We should know about the type of product we are using that either it is oily or watery in nature. Both types of pomades have distinctive characteristics. Oil-based pomade provides more shine and luminance to our hair. These pomades also have better holding capabilities but they can make your hair greasy. On the other hand, the water-based product can be easily rinsed off from your hair as it does not have a sticky texture.

If someone wants to prefer ease over shine and radiance, then water-based pomades are the perfect pick but if you want to make your hair look more textured and glowing then you should go for oil-based pomades.

Matte or Sheen Pomade

People having dry hair can opt for the type of hair styling product which consists of ingredients that can provide sheen to their hair. If someone wants to have a shiny and slicked-back hairstyle then sheen pomade can prove to be very effective but if someone has naturally oily hair and want their hair to have a matte finish then, they can go for matte-based pomades.

Type of hold strength

Pomades are generally available with three types of hold strengths, i.e. light, medium, and strong.

  • People with thin hair prefer light hold pomades as they don’t weigh your hair down and you can experiment with different hairstyles throughout your day after applying them. Because light hold pomades allow you to reshape and restyle your hair without making the hair inflexible and stiff. Light hold pomades are excellent to achieve more natural-looking styles.
  • Medium hold pomades are considered very functional for people having short or average hair lengths because they provide enough strength to hold your hair without having much weight.
  • Strong hold pomades are mostly preferred by people who want their hairstyle to remain intact and in perfect form throughout the day. This type of pomade is used for people having relatively short hair. Individuals who have curly and stiff hair can also select strong hold pomades for styling their hair daily.

Pomades are way different than the regular gels and hair sprays. These gels can make your hair frozen stiff while on the other hand pomades can add texture to your hair without hardening them. Pomade gives your hair a flexible, touchable, and manageable finish. These hair styling products can be used frequently without causing any negative effects on the natural health of your hair.

Major Ingredients

Some of the main ingredients involved in the composition of these hair styling products are beeswax, lanolin, coconut oil, castor oil (extracted from vegetables), Aloe Vera, shea butter, almond oil, and geraniol. These ingredients vary among different types of pomades according to their texture that whether they are oil-based or water-based products.

How to make your brand remarkable in the market?

These products are so popular in this era and are abundantly used by professional hair stylists in addition to ordinary people. People prefer these products according to their requirements and preferences. As a product is high in demand, various brands are manufacturing them. How can a retailer make his products peculiar and extraordinary among the other existing products? The ultimate answer is to make sure that its presentation is remarkable. The way a specific item is exhibited to its customers tells a lot about its sustenance in the competitive market.

 If an individual wants to escalate its brand and maximize its sales, one should provide its products a top-notch packaging by using custom pomade boxes. These customized boxes will definitely uplift the appearance of these items and will make them significant among the products of other rival brands. These boxes are available in numerous designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. We should choose a striking and eye-capturing combination of these features in the manufacturing of our packaging boxes so that they can be successful in directing the maximum attention of onlookers towards them.

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