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Awesome Tips to Optimize Paper Food Cones to Boost Sales

Published on: 12 Feb, 2024
paper food cones

Have You Ever Enjoyed Street Food?

If yes, then, what is the thing that enhances your experience of eating street food snacks?

Without any doubt, it is the paper cone that lets us enjoy our favorite snacks. Every street vendor uses it to sell their products as they are lightweight, easy to carry, and contain more quantity than rectangular packaging.

Now all food brands prefer using paper cones for lightweight snacks to grab their potential buyers’ attention. Because they are flexible and user-friendly they make the best option for holding ice cream, peanuts, fries, popcorn, and a lot more.

What is a Paper Cone?

The three-dimensional geometric shape packaging that is narrow from the bottom and wide from the upper side is a paper cone. This is the traditional packaging that has been used by street vendors for better convenience of the customers.

Brands are also using these popular paper cones for food for the satisfaction of their customers and to boost sales. Engage your customers in this way to enhance their experience so that they remember your brand forever.

Ways to Make the Best Paper Food Cones

People love to see unique and creative packaging boxes that enhance their experience. Especially when it comes to food, they want fresh and flavorful. Moreover, they are passive marketing tools that boost sales and differentiate your brand. Here are the best ways to optimize paper food cones:

Ensure Product Safety with Durable Material

Always choose the material according to the product specifications and requirements.

Packaging strength depends on the material. They must be sturdy which ensures the product protection up to maximum level. It is critical from the consumer’s point of view as they want products safe from every kind of damage and contamination.

As the name suggests, paper cones are made of paper material. Irrespective of the other materials they are lightweight and durable that provide a strong base to contain products perfectly. Above all, they are recyclable and reusable materials that are perfect for providing green solutions.

Grab Customer Attention with Striking Colors

Do you know what element of the packaging that people retain the most? It is the color that people remember for a longer time than that of the other factors. No doubt they play a critical role in building a strong brand identity.

Colors have a great psychological impact in influencing consumer buying behavior. Use them wisely as they represent your brand. They must align with your brand and products.

For example, if you are selling chocolate ice cream, then select the chocolate brown color.

Packaging colors are visual symbols of the products that must be according to the product.

Product Differentiation with Quality Printing

The market is full of competitive brands. Make your products recognizable and distinguishable among other products. 

Printing is an essential component of every packaging. They enhance their all visual aspects of the cones. Especially product information like ingredients, manufacturing date, warnings, expiry date, source of products, company information, and contact details must be legible.

Choose the best printing option that elevates your packaging and also makes the information legible.

Digital printing is the most convenient option as they are cost-effective, fast, and provides quality results. Like other printing technologies, they do not require a plate for printing.

Create Lasting Impressions with Branding Elements

Make your customers a fan of your food brand by incorporating all branding elements that set your products apart. The logo is a brand identity that shows the value and worth of your brand. Ensure that your paper food cones contain all these essential elements.

Create your brand logo that differentiates your product from the rest and leaves a lasting impression. Don’t forget to implement other branding elements like typography, fonts, luxury finishings, and color. People are naturally inclined to buy things from brands. Making your small business a brand is comparatively easy with the help of packaging.

Remarkable Experience with Luxury Finishing

People prefer reading comments and watching unboxing videos before buying anything. They acknowledge those brands that provide products in luxury packaging. They record these moments and share them on numerous social media platforms. More people will buy your product when they watch your product unboxing videos that show the positive aspects of your brand. Embossing, debossing, matte gloss, matte lamination, thank you cards, and printed customer names make the packaging luxurious and alluring. Besides these elements, also ensures that the texture is also soft.

Incredible Uses of Paper Cones

  • You can use them as fun at parties and for distributing snacks.
  • They are best as a gift option for kids.
  • Carrying street snacks and enjoying them at any place is easier with paper cones.
  • Add them at weddings to create a memorable moment for guests.

Final Remarks

If you are looking for a paper cone for your brand that boosts sales, then contact Gator Packaging. Provide quality to your customers that showcases your brand’s real value. It is the first impression that influences consumer buying behaviors. Attract your customers with the enticing paper food cones that differentiate your products.


For what kind of food paper cones are the best option?

Paper cones are the best packaging option for eating snacks. Wings, french fries, popcorn, finger fish, truffles, peanuts, and multiple other lightweight snacks.

What is the shape of paper cones?

They are triangular three-dimensional geometrical shapes that provide more space and are lightweight making it easy for the consumers to carry food anywhere.

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