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Positive Effects of Having Cereals as an Everyday Breakfast

Published on: 23 Jun, 2022
Positive Effects of having Cereals

Cereal is one of the most common and healthy form of food items. Generally cereals are consumed with milk as an early morning meal. Cereal grains are a part of human diet since the very inception of civilization as they have great nutritional value and prove to be very beneficial for our health. So the choice of cereals as our everyday breakfast can be very worthy and fruitful decision. As the demand of cereal is very high among people, there is a wide and diversified range of companies and brands manufacturing these products.

If every brand is offering the best quality cereals with top-notch ingredients and constituents, what makes a specific brand significant among others i.e. the packaging of these items. If we focus on the quality of packaging of our products, it can readily create a significant difference among the other rival brands. By using custom cereal boxes, we can enhance the outlook of these items that can aid in grabbing the attention of customers on larger scales resulting in generating greater revenues.

9 Benefits Provided by a Single Bowl of Cereal:

If cereals are served with milk, they provide almost 172 calories per 125 ml of bowl.

Best in Reducing Weight:

As the cereal provide low calories in single serving, it will not make you gain weight. It can easily be a part of our daily balanced diet. However the number of calories varies in different types of cereals so we should opt for a cereal that is gluten free and low in carbohydrates that can help in reducing weight. Oat based cereals are usually considered to be healthier than other wheat based cereals.

Provides a Rich Source of Energy:

Cereals are a source of instant energy as their composition is high in starch and glycogen, both are easily digestible carbohydrates. Cereals have high composition of glucose that is a great energy source and is one of the major component required by our body cells to perform their cellular functions optimally.

An Inexpensive Food Item:

Cereal is the type of food item that is easily accessible to everyone. People with low income can afford them on daily basis with minimum expenditure and can get optimum nutrients as any other high quality meal would provide.

Can be Chosen for High Protein Diet:

Every single tissue of cereal grains is rich with proteins, generally cereals have about 6 to 12% of protein but this percentage varies according to the basic composition of cereals. Rice based cereals have relatively low protein composition as compared to pulse based cereals.

Maintains Blood Sugar Levels:

As cereal is a high fiber diet, it is a great meal to maintain blood sugar levels by reducing the amount of glucose secretion in our body.

Can Reduce the Chances of Cancer:

As cereals are a type of whole wheat products, they can effectively reduce the risks of breast cancer. Cereals are rich in phytosterols or plant based steroids that can stimulate the estrogen hormone, the phytosterols present in cereals bind with estrogen receptors and blocks human estrogen that can act as a preventive barrier against these diseases.

Lower the Risk of Heart Related Diseases:

Some studies have shown that if cereals are consumed as a regular meal, they can effectively reduce the risks of heart related diseases by 20%. Cereals have low cholesterol levels that is a key factor in most of the cardiac diseases. The cereals that have composition of low refined grains and more whole grains are very favorable for the patients having heart related diseases.

Can Control Obesity:

As cereals are a type of food product rich in fibers, they can fill you up for longer periods of time minimizing the chances of over eating. Cereals are the food products that are especially recommended by dieticians for the purpose of weight loss.

Lower the Risks of Type 2 Diabetes:

Cereals have low glucose and sugar levels. The intake of cereal based breakfast can be very efficient from prevention of diabetes.  However the amount of carbohydrates, sugar and other calories varies with different cereal types so we should select the type of cereal wisely. Cereals rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins should be added to our diet.

Types of Cereals

Cereals are rich in minerals, fiber and nutrients, having so many health benefits that it has become necessary to consider it as a regular meal in our daily lives. As the demand of these products are great, there are so many manufacturers producing every kind of cereals in the market which creates confusion in the customer’s mind about choosing the best product. If cereals are packaged in custom cereal boxes with necessary details mentioned on them, it relatively saves a lot of time for the customers that can influence their purchasing behaviors.

Nutritional Value:

Cereals contain almost 378 calories per 100 grams.

Total Fat 1.1 g1%
Saturated fat 0.3 g1%
Sodium 795 mg33%
Potassium 105 mg3%
Total Carbohydrate 87 g29%
Dietary fiber 1.4 g5%
Sugar 10 g2%

Why to Choose Cereals in our Daily Meals:

Cereals are a very convenient food item. It does not consume a lot of effort or time in its making. It is a simple and classic dish. Cereals are considered to be best breakfast item because of being less time consuming and having all the necessary nutrients that are required by human body in the start of the day. Moreover, it provides a great variety of flavors with additional toppings. Mostly cereals are consumed as breakfast meals but they can also be eaten at any time or in any form because of their convenience factor.

Additional Toppings to Enhance the Taste and Nutrients:

People around the world have different preferences regarding its use. Some people prefer to have cereal without milk. The people who are sensitive to milk tend to have cereals with other items like peanut butter, chopped nuts and yogurt. However it tastes best with milk. Some people add different kind of toppings to refresh the dull and boring look of regular cereals, which can also improve the taste. With the addition of chopped nuts, we can enhance the nutritional value of our meal.

We can add chopped almonds, cashews and walnuts according to our taste that can add crunch to our regular bowl of cereals enhancing its flavors. We can have cereals with peanut butter that can replenish the actual taste and can provide us with further nutrients like iron, calcium and vitamin B. If we want our breakfast to be rich in protein and calcium, we can add yogurt as a topping that will complement our breakfast. If someone wants to lose weight cereals are a great option for them, they can opt for Greek yogurt with cereals that will provide a great source of nutrition and energy while maintaining or reducing the weight.

Types of Cereals:

Mostly cereals are made with ground form of various grains including corn, rice, barley and wheat. Cereals comprising of components like rye, millet, sorghum, buckwheat, triticale etc. are also easily available in the market providing a great variety to customers. Some people opt for cereals that are wheat based, some prefer oat based cereals according to their requirements and fondness. Cereals are also rich in carbohydrates like starch and some lipids.

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