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Valuable Designing Tips to Make Custom Cardboard Boxes

Published on: 21 Dec, 2023
different types of Custom Cardboard Boxes

Designs are the only factor in any packaging that grabs people’s attention. The unique beautiful and pretty designs not only impress the people but also boost sales. 

Cardboard is a material that has multiple uses in making different kinds of other packaging. Companies introduce their products as custom cardboard boxes with new designs to wow their customers. 

Going with trends and people’s interests proves beneficial and helps brands remain popular in the market. 

If you are doing a business and want to leave a lasting impact on people, then work on your cardboard boxes’ designs. Read this blog to get the best design tips to make the best packaging

Measurement and Dimensions

Perfectly measure the length, height, and width of the cardboard boxes. One mistake in the measurement will ruin your design. It is crucial for the placement of the objects too. First, write down the exact measurement that fits the design correctly. Then cut it accordingly. 

The size of the cardboard packaging should be the focus of the designer. Because the right size is important to ensure the product’s protection. The chance of damage is reduced during shipping and storage. 

What will happen if the measurement goes wrong?

It will be a huge problem if the measurement is not according to the product size. First, it becomes difficult to place the content inside the box. Second, it becomes hard for the retailers to handle the products. And third, it will have a bad impact on the customers while costing you a lot of money. 

Die line Templates

To ensure the correct layout of the final physical packaging, the die line refers to making templates. This is a flattened form diagram of the custom cardboard boxes with all cutlines and folds. 

Printers, graphic designers, and die-cutters create die lines for making different types of packaging like boxes, envelopes, and pocket folders. 

Look at why die line templates are important in the printing and packaging industry.  

  • It is a blueprint to confirm all the physical aspects of the final packaging boxes.  
  • Ensures all visual elements location like text, images, and logo.  
  • Confirm the correct dimensions, packaging sizes, and scale.  


The art of text and writing letters in a unique way that entices customers by giving special meaning. It is an important aspect of the custom retail packaging boxes to attract the customers’ attention. The fact about typography is that it impacts the buying decisions of the people. Using legible and bold typography enhances the look of the boxes and complements the design perfectly. 

Does Typography help in enhancing your Brand Impact?

Yes, the role of typography is crucial in building a positive brand impact. The persuasive stylish writing not only looks good on the packaging front but also entices customers to purchase your product. 

Color Selection

Select colors that resonate with your products and the brands. An interesting fact about colors is that they have a great psychological impact on people. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key) and PMS (Pantone Matching System) are two famous color models. Both are popular techniques and provide quality results. However, the CMYK is more expensive than that of PMS. 

You can use single bold colors and a combination of light colors to give an aesthetic look to your packaging. Ensure that it should be according to the product and brand. Otherwise, the wrong color selection will create a negative impression that is not good for your brand. 


Printing is everything when it comes to personalized cardboard boxes. There are numerous printing options available in the market. Choose the one that suits your budget, designs, material, and preferences. Here are these printing options. 


It is a good option for complex artwork designs that have complex patterns. It is the expensive printing technology that is best for printing custom cardboard wholesale boxes in bulk. The printing quality is excellent. It is also famous for another name offset. 


It is a common printing technology for printing normal packaging. It has a plate-like rubber stamp that is suitable for every color. This kind of technology also provides the best quality results. 

Digital Printing

Using digital methods to print different media substrates to print directly is digital printing. It is becoming the most popular method as it is budget-friendly. Digital printing uses the CMYK color model. It is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable printing method that one can use at home too.  


The visual presentation of the customized cardboard boxes matters a lot. Give some touch of artwork to give your customer a luxury experience. Use trending art designs on the boxes to entice your buyer at first sight. Analyze your audience and their interest in this regard to get the best ideas. 

Final Remarks

Get the custom cardboard boxes that have the unique best designs from Gator Packaging. No one denies the importance of designs that have a real impact on the marketing of the product and the buying decisions of people. Grab potential buyers while providing the best-customized designs to make their unboxing moment unforgettable. 

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