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What are The Disadvantages of Flexible Packaging?

Published on: 11 Jan, 2023
flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is made of plastic, foil, or paper to create pouches, bags, or other containers to store products. It is relatively a new method in the packaging market because of its high efficiency and cost-effective nature. Flexible boxes that require versatile packaging are used for many things such as food and beverage, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries. As flexible packing is useful for many industries it has some disadvantages as well.

Plastic Packaging Boxes are Health Hazards:

According to some experts, chemical components in plastic packaging can leach into our food and can cause many health problems because one of the known chemicals in plastic boxes is bisphenol A that often used to line canned food. This chemical affects the brain and prostate gland in infants and children. Moreover, there’s a real concern that a variety of chemicals in plastic boxes can cause endocrine disruption which can lead to cancer and can cause many developmental issues in children. So, flexible packaging is harmful to the body and health.

Unsafe when Exposed to Heat:

One of the drawbacks of using plastic packaging is that it is not heat resistant. When an object packed in a plastic box is exposed to heat for a long time. Hot rays can affect the integrity of packaging and even plastic can melt, which is harmful to the environment as well as to humans. So, if your brand needs to export the material from one place to another and the distance is much more than normal then flexible box packaging is not a good choice.

Not as Durable as Rigid Packaging:

Another disadvantage of this packaging is that it is not as durable as rigid packaging. Flexible boxes are made of plastic or paper materials that are not long-lasting in use because of their cheap material so they are not durable for a long period as rigid packaging. Moreover, you can use flexible packaging mostly for single use only.

Lack of Recyclability:

An evident disadvantage of flexible box packaging is the lack of recyclability. Multi-layer flexible packing is normally not recyclable due to the layers. For packages that contain a plastic-metal and plastic paper-metal layer material separation is very difficult if not impossible. This is one of the drawbacks of flexible packaging that needs to be focused on in the future.

Need Extensive Planning During Manufacturing:

Another disadvantage is that manufacturers should be attentive to flexible manufacturing systems and their applications. These systems require extreme planning and resources due to their complexity and high price. Maintenance and repairing flexible box packaging require highly expert workers with costly compensation and the inconvenience of troubleshooting problems through an outside source rather than in-house. Brands need to understand the benefits of flexible packing in their field to determine if those outweigh the costly drawbacks of buying and maintaining the machinery.

Need to be Stored in a Cool Place:

Flexible printed packaging is made of plastic or paper material which is sensitive to heat. So this type of packaging needs to be stored in a cool place because it is sensitive to heat. It also has a shorter life span for shelves than rigid packaging because it is more likely to pick up bacteria or other contaminants when handled by people. So, this is one of the disadvantages of flexible packaging.

Harmful to the Environment:

Even having outstanding recycling resources across the country, plastic is still one of the prominent causes of pollution. You have to recycle your plastic box waste whenever possible to be as eco-friendly as possible. It is not even eco-friendly, so making the most of your plastic products before disposing of them can go a long way and this makes flexible boxes less beneficial for the environment than rigid ones.


So, flexible packing is one of the new terms in the industry for packing products with benefits. There are also some drawbacks to using flexible packing. The above-mentioned are some of the disadvantages of flexible packaging.

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