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Why Mascara is So Significant in Cosmetic Industry?

Published on: 27 Jun, 2022
Mascara is so significant

Mascara is one of those beauty products that have remained popular and distinctive over the decades. The popularity of mascara is increasing every day as it is considered to be the main component in our makeup. Without mascara our makeup look is incomplete. Eyes are considered to be one of the most important feature on our face so we must make them look prominent and defined by enhancing lower and upper lashes with the help of mascaras that will effectively complement our makeup look. Mascaras are one of the few products that are used on a daily basis as they are involved in the light and go-to makeup looks.

As the demand for an item increases, its production is automatically increased. This makes a very tough competition in the market as there is a great variety of products available to the customers. There are so many beauty brands manufacturing different kinds of mascaras. Every brand has to offer a unique form of it. Some mascaras are involved in the blackening of our eyelashes, some make our eyelashes long and thick, and some give an extra volume to our eyelashes. People opt for different mascaras according to their choices. Some people have set priorities to a certain brand for purchasing the beauty items and some people keep changing their preferences from time to time as a product is evolved in the market.

How Can Our Product be Note-worthy?

If the competition regarding a certain product is so high among the rival brands, how can our product be noticeable in that crowd? The answer is custom mascara boxes. By using these boxes, we can help our brand flourish and generate great revenues. As these customized boxes will make our products commendable and distinctive from the other existing products, which increases the chances of being noticed by customers. If we customize these boxes with striking and elegant patterns and colors, they will definitely make a difference. We can add details about our brand, its name, and logo which will help the customers to remember it in long term. We can also write instructions to use on these boxes or the ingredients involved in the making processes which will ensure our sincerity towards our product.

These remarkably customized boxes will definitely create an impact on the fashion-loving ladies, influencing their purchasing behaviors. These custom boxes are made from different type’s materials including Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated boxes. All of these are eco-friendly and cost-effecting materials that will complement and enhance the look of our items.

6 Benefits of Using Mascara:

As mascara is one the most prominent and must-have beauty item, it has various benefits to complement our look and enhance our upper and lower eyelashes.

Mascaras can Thicken your Eyelashes:

Not everyone is blessed with naturally thick and long lashes, some people have very thin eyelashes and don’t want to go for artificial eyelashes as applying these eyelash extensions can be a very time-consuming and difficult task. These lashes are not suitable for everyday go-to looks. For those people, applying mascaras is the best and safest choice. If mascara is of good quality it can make your eyelashes look thicker and fuller which can give our eyes a beautiful youthful defined appearance and give volume to every single lash. Most of the mascaras are pigmented, which can add an extra character to our eyelashes, making them blackened and darker.

Helps our Eyes to Look Bigger:

As eyes are the most prominent feature on our face, they should be made significant and notable with the help of these mascaras. By applying mascaras to our upper and lower lashes, we can provide our eyes with an enhanced look and can make them more dramatic. In this way, our eyes will look bigger and note-worthy than before.

Mascara Packaging Boxes

Having Different Colors:

Apart from lengthening and providing volume, these mascaras can also add a little character to our eyelashes which helps to transform the dull and boring-looking makeup from drab to fab. Because they come in different striking colors and shades. Mascaras are usually used in black pigmentation but there are a lot of colors available in the market that we can try. We can opt for colors of our own choice. They have various fun and trendy colors other than black, including blue, brown, purple, and white which definitely uplift our normal and regular makeup look.

Long-lasting Waterproof Mascaras:

Waterproof mascaras can relatively last longer than the other regular ones.  The holding power of these waterproof mascaras is very commendable and strong which helps them to last the entire day, minimizing the efforts of applying them after a few intervals. As these mascaras cannot be ruined by water, they can be a new best friend of people, having naturally watery eyes. If we are going to watch a sad movie or going to get wet in rain, these waterproof mascaras are the best choice.

Can Be Used Every Day Because of Being Light on Lids:

We can include mascaras in our daily makeup routines as they are very light on lids. Although mascaras provide a thickening effect and volume to our lashes, it does not make them heavy or it does not add any additional burden on eyelids.

Convenient to Use:

Mascara is one of those products in cosmetic items that do not require any exceptional expertise to apply. Anyone who is a beginner or lacks the basic skills of makeup can use it with so much ease and convenience. Just by swiping the wand a few times on our eyelashes we can achieve defined, dense and thick lashes within a few seconds.

Main Ingredients in the Composition of Mascaras:

Although mascaras vary in different kinds and qualities, they generally have some main constituents including oils, waxes, preservatives, and pigments. If our eyelashes are dry we should opt for the mascaras that have castor or nourishing oils which can improve the natural health of our eyelashes.

 They also have:

  • pigment to darken
  • polymer to coat
  • preservatives to keep it fresh
  • thickening agents to give it texture

Composition of Waterproof Mascaras:

Waterproof mascaras have some additional components including

  • emollients, like isododecane
  • silicones, like Cyclopentasiloxane
  • waxes, like beeswax or candelilla wax

Classification of Mascaras:

Mascaras have a wide range of varieties. They usually exist in three different forms i.e. powder, liquid, or cream mascaras. Liquid mascaras are the most popular ones among them. These liquid mascaras come in plastic tubes with a wand or brush and can be applied on our eyelashes by swiping this wand a few times.

According to their performances, they are further classified as

  • Waterproof Mascaras
  • Lengthening Mascaras
  • Volumizing Mascaras
  • Curling Mascaras
  • Lash Defining Mascaras
  • Non-Clumping Mascaras
  • Tubing Mascaras
  • Fiber Mascaras
  • Bottom Lash Mascaras
  • Clear Mascaras

As there is a great diversity in the classification of mascaras, there are a lot of brands in the market manufacturing them which creates considerably tough competition. If we are a seller, we should make sure our product is perfect in the terms of both quality and presentation. We can use custom mascara boxes to complement the general outlook of our products which will give our items a note-worthy and striking appearance.

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