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Shrink Wrap Makes Your Bath Bombs Shine Just Like Clothes Make the Man

Published on: 08 Jul, 2024
Shrink wrap makes your bath bombs shine just like clothes make the man

Do you recognize the proverb “clothes make the man”?

This phrase might sound fancy, but it is important. It means how you dress affects how others see you. Your clothes and appearance influence people’s opinions about you.

Packaging makes the product

Just like clothes make the man, packaging makes the product. The packaging of your product is like its clothing. It affects how people see it. Good packaging can make your product shine and stand out. It protects the product and makes it look attractive. So, choose to package that reflects the quality and appeal of your product. This will help you catch the eye of customers and make a great impression. Remember, just like clothes, the right packaging can make all the difference.

I previously wrote a blog related to the custom bath bomb packaging ideas but that was for the small business entrepreneurs. That blog was to help those who are shipping out hundreds at a time. Now that brand has turned into a giant bath bomb brand with the help of those packaging ideas. Certainly, I’ve had to upgrade the packaging tip for bulk bath bombs. The easiest way to store your bath bombs is to shrink-wrap them.

Bath bombs need to be shrink-wrapped

We will be discussing 250-plus bath bombs for shipping out, so I’ll go ahead and shrink-wrap them with the system known as National Shrink Wrap. Firstly, you will need shrink-wrap film on the dispenser. Secondly, the free arm sealing wand, and last, the unique heat-resistant pad.

I’ll go ahead and turn on the sealing wand because I think it works much better when it’s warmed up, although it does not have to be.

The process 

Thus, you must take off the shrink wrap before anything else. Secondly, space the bath bombs over an inch apart, just so that you can fit the sealing wand in between each with a little space left over. This is so that the packaging isn’t too tight. You must get the Package Master 18-inch system, which can do 16 to 25 bars of soap or bath bombs. However, you may use 40 at a time if you have little bath bombs.

Wrap the bath bombs in cling film

Furthermore, All of your bath bombs are in there. Proceed to apply the free-arm sealing now. I want to go vertically until you are done with all the columns, and then go horizontally until you finish all the rows. Moreover, you do need to leave the space in between because it is much easier for the seams to split when using the heat gun.

Instructions on how to apply the heat gun to your bath bomb wrap

The shrink-wrap device also incorporates a heat gun. With these types of bath bombs, you can turn them all over.  Heat the backup first because you need to put a hole in it, and now put the label. Most importantly, It’s best to keep the heat gun about eight inches away from the product.

Do the tops

You can now turn them around, but keep the heat gun on low and do the tops so that you can avoid putting a hole in the top. Most importantly, run over quickly to avoid a hole.

Answering some common queries related to shipping custom bath bomb packaging

How long should bath bombs dry before packaging?

Allow the bath bombs to dry completely overnight or for a maximum of 24 hours. They should be kept in a dry, cool spot. If you are living in a humid environment, we suggest turning on a fan over these or using a device called a dehumidifier. Once they’re dried and rigid, you may begin wrapping. 

How to safely ship bath bombs?

Place packaging materials on the box’s bottom first. Lay in your bath bombs after that. Make sure there is extra material between each one since they might break if they collide during delivery. Close the box after adding extra material to the top. Shake it lightly before taping. You’ll need to add extra material if you hear the bath bombs moving. They are prepared for use once they are tagged and taped.

How long do bath bombs last in packaging?

Naturally, of course! They will be right as long as they remain dry and out of the air. It smells good overall, however it may have lost some of its strength. I have used bath bombs that fizzed up perfectly even after they were at least three years old.


This blog post talks about how packaging is important for your product. Just like nice clothes make a good impression on people, so does attractive packaging. For bath bombs, that means shrink wrap. Gator Packaging has everything you need to easily shrink-wrap your bath bombs.

Moreover, shrink wrap is a great way to protect your bath bombs and make them look good. If you are looking for an easy way to shrink-wrap your bath bombs, then look no further than Gator Packaging.

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